12 Top Health Product Questions That No One Is Answering

We get lots of questions that people like yourself really want the real-world answer to that no one is answering.

Some are questions that most health practitioners would rather just avoid, or they simply don’t know the answers to them.

So, we are going to dive right in and tackle them below.

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Disclaimer: The following is for educational purposes only. We are not advocating a change in dietary, health or exercise protocols. Please seek the advice or council of your nutritionally educated health care practitioner prior to engaging in any dietary or exercise changes.

Is Protein Bread Really Good For You To Build Muscle?

Likely not and here’s why. Most protein bread makers just add a little soy protein to the dry mix before it’s blended with the liquid ingredients. Soy is fine for building muscle on its own, but when you bake it at those kinds of temperatures it of course denigrates the protein.

Then, you’re eating a very high carb food to get a little extra protein and this food may be of questionable value anyway. Is it 12 whole grain bread? Is it just whole wheat? Is it white bread? Is it organic?

There are a lot better ways to get your protein than protein bread. However, if you’re eating bread anyway and just want to replace your regular bread with it, then that might be ok. Just look at the overall calories, the amount of protein and the ingredients to decide if it’s worth adding to your diet or not.

Are Bud Light Platinum Carbs Better Than Other Beers?

Bud light platinum carbs beer is a low calorie, low carbohydrate beer that is said to taste better than other low carb beers. While we are not advocating drinking or saying that beer is a health food, we know that since people do drink, why not help them make the best choice. The answer would appear to be yes if you judge that by the quality of the testimonials people have given for the product.

However, since taste is such a subjective thing you will just have to taste one and see for yourself. Some people like chocolate, some like vanilla. Will you personally like this beer even though there are some really compelling reviews, that’s a matter for YOUR taste buds to decide.

How Long Is Sushi Good For?

That depends on what’s in the sushi. If it’s just vegetables and rice that was just made fresh, then with proper refrigeration it should last a couple of days. If it includes raw fish, it should be consumed on the spot and not saved for any length of time as bacteria begin breeding on raw fish almost immediately after cutting.

Be sure to consume only the freshest fish and never take any chances with your health, it’s not worth it.


What Are Microwavable Slippers And How Do They Work?

Have you ever been home and thought, man my feet are cold, so you put on a pair of socks, and it still doesn’t cut it, they’re still cold? Well, now there are microwavable slippers that have a pad that can be reheated over and over in the microwave whose soles are sometimes made of carbon and sometimes made of rice.

You place them in the microwave for the time and temperature designated by each type, generally found in their instructions and then wear them to transfer that heat to your feet.

The best brands will heat your feet for up to one hour depending on a variety of conditions.

They have become incredibly popular with one brand even being displayed on an Oprah show.

It is strongly advised that you check the temperature of the slippers with your hand before slipping them on your feet and potentially burning them.

Electric Spiralizers – Are They Better Than The Manual Ones?

If you look at them from a cost VS use perspective, then you’d really have to be doing quite a bit of spiralizing before an electric spiralizer would be better than the hand crank ones. If you’re just doing say, one or two zucchinis, then no, it may not be worth the extra investment. If you’re fine with the cost and just don’t like hand cranking than go for it.

The reasoning is that; you spiralize a zucchini in about 2 minutes with a hand crank version. If that amount of effort doesn’t bother you, then you should be fine.

If on the other hand you’re feeding a large family or eat a lot of spiralized foods then sure, the motorized version will be easier and save a ton of time. You just need to assess your individual needs and go from there.

Do Protein Hair Treatments Really Work?

Well, considering that your hair is actually dead, the only things that really helps it are those that treat the outside of the shaft coating and smoothing it. So, protein treatments don’t smooth the hair, they can’t feed the hair and they don’t improve shine or gloss, so, no, they really don’t do much at all.

Protein scalp treatments don’t work because that’s just not how your body assimilates protein. If it was, you could literally feed by rubbing raw meat all over your body. You can’t, so they don’t work either.

hair treatment

Is There An Anti-Chlorine Soap That Works?

Virtually all soaps that contain a surfactant that will help to lift the chlorine from the skin or hair so that it can be rinsed away. The only real difference between regular soaps and swimmers’ soaps are that they generally contain jojoba, olive or similar oils to help replenish the lost oils to the skin.

If you’re looking for an anti-chlorine soap that actually neutralizes the chlorine while removing it then you’re going to want to find a soap with ash in it as well. This will help remove it as well as render it harmless to your skin if the company puts enough ash into their product.

Since products marketed in America have to be listed in descending order of concentration of ingredients, look for ash to be one of the top 3 to 4 ingredients and this should be enough to get the job done.

Does kombucha Make You Poop?

Not exactly. Kombucha doesn’t contain anything that directly stimulates the peristaltic action of your digestive system, nor does it contain any real amounts of bulking fiber. Instead, it helps promote the positive microbiome (friendly bacteria) in the gut and both in intestines. This strongly aids in digestion and waste removal.  

Kombucha is a fermented tea that consists of black tea with sugar and then a fungal plug is put in with it that creates a fungal growth on top of the tea.

The fungus takes the shape and appearance of a jellyfish. It consumes the sugar and tea and secrets antibodies and other beneficial agents that when consumed help our bodies immune systems function better and fight against a number of diseases.

The taste of the kombucha beverage is quite pleasant and many companies flavor it with fruits, berries and herbs before bottling it for sale.

Do Anti-Cholesterol Supplements Work?

One of the few, if not the only natural agent to be approved by the FDA for lowering cholesterol is oat fiber. However, there are a number of natural compounds that have shown themselves in multiple studies to possibly aid in the lowering of cholesterol and they are…

Garlic, red yeast, artichoke leaf extract, psyllium husk fiber and niacin.

Do they actually work?

The FDA can take years and even decades to approve a nutritional product or food as beneficial for something. Even though many of these studies have been around for decades they are still slow to say yes or no.

So, the information that we have are the studies that show that each of the above exert at least some effect on lowering bad cholesterol to varying degrees.

You should show caution when taking niacin supplements because niacin can cause a feeling similar to ants crawling all over your skin and you can become rather red and flushed as it stimulates blood flow.


Other than niacin the others on the list have quite long historical safety records and are used as foods, in cooking as spices and more. They have GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status issued by the FDA, so they are quite safe and can be consumed regularly without fear of harm.

Is Wool Underwear Any Good?

The big reason that wool underwear has never really taken off is that it’s pretty scratchy and itchy. Yes, wool does a phenomenal job wicking away moisture so it should in theory help with moisture control in those areas. However, one of the big reasons that even long johns were traditionally made from cotton is that wool cannot be washed as often as cotton, and it really picks up and retains body odors.

When you combine these with the fact that cotton is in many cases one fifth the price of wool it really started to handicap wool as an undergarment choice.

Another challenge with woolen undies is that they get seriously hot in the summer or in warm climates.

You might be able to stand them in the winter in a cold region. However, even when you just layer enough clothing over them to keep the rest of you warm, they can begin to make you sweat and that’s the opposite of what you want to help you stay warm and dry.

What Is Sulfur Soap Good For?

Many will claim that sulfur soap is good for acne and other skin disorders. However, the only studies readily available have been done in the treatment of scabies and have shown a very high rate of success.

Scabies is a skin condition cause by burrowing mites that are looking for a good place to both feed and lay their eggs.

Sulfur soap has been shown to penetrate deep into their burrow canals and drive them out to the surface to avoid the caustic action that’s burning them. It’s also been shown to kill their eggs after just a few minutes of contact.

Because sulfur has such a powerful caustic action it is recommended that you avoid contact with the eyes and mucus membranes to stave off potential damage.

Its caustic, drying action that dries up acne is not worth the potential risks of burning your skin, having a toxic reaction or potentially getting it into your eyes and possibly losing some of all of your sight.

Since there are more effective and safer acne treatments out there, we would strongly recommend against using it for that purpose.

Is Lemonade Good For You?

Yes and no. Lemon water is incredibly good for you especially on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. It can aid in hydration and when combined with the right sweetener which we will discuss in a moment it can be a powerful health tonic.

The reason we said yes, and no is that it depends on what you sweeten it with. If it’s regular white sugar, then you’re causing more problems than you’re resolving.


The same can be said for most of the concentrated, artificial sweeteners out there on the market. Many of which, even though they are approved, have had serious doubts raised as to their real safety.

However, when mixed with raw, natural honey it can become a powerful elixir that has been shown to help conditions ranging from diabetes to cancer in everything from medical studies to old time books on health.

It can really be powerful.

So, lemon water is beneficial, and lemonade made with real, raw honey can actually be a nutritional powerhouse that can change your life.

Just be super careful what you mix it with, and even though raw honey is so good for you, please don’t overdo it or you can get too much sugar and then start to have negative consequences from that as well.

But overall, it’s fantastic.


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