Can The Liquidarian Diet Help With Weight Loss?

Good Diets for Losing Weight

Yes, it can help, here’s why. If done properly there is no reason why you cannot take in all the nutrients both macro and micro plus the fiber you need in a liquid form. If you have a really good high-speed blender, you could blend everything you need and quite possibly have a better diet …

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Does The Rice Diet For Weight Loss Work Or Is It A Hoax?

Rice Diet For Weight Loss

People are frantic to lose weight, but at what cost. A Doctor or Scientist makes a discovery that helps patients in a particular area, and oh, by the way, the patients also lost weight and every person bent on size reduction jumps on it. This unhealthy trend in America and also in several European countries …

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Does The Calorie Counter Diet For Weight Loss Actually Work?

Counter Diet For Weight Loss

Yes, it does. The fundamental reason is that the basis of all successful dieting is caloric restriction and or usage. This is to say that; you can either eat less, burn it off with exercise or a combination of both. Yes, you can us a product like a thermogenic, but that is not dieting, that’s …

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Does Water Fasting & Prolonged Intermittent Fasting Work?

Water Fasting

Yes, yes it does. You may have noticed we said yes IT does, that was not a mistake. Water fasting does work for weight loss and health improvement. However, prolonged intermittent fasting would be defined as lengthening the portion of a day where calories are not consumed. This in and of itself has not been …

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Is The Mediterranean Diet Healthy And Good For Weight Loss?

Mediterranean Diet

Everyone is looking for the best diet, the one that’s going to be the magic bullet that transforms them with zero effort into the body of their dreams. Will the Mediterranean Diet do that for you? Hell no. Will any diet? Heck no. But the right diet can be a huge help. However, not all …

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The Ultra-Low-Fat Diet Is It Healthy, Harmful, Good Or Bad?

Ultra-Low-Fat Diet

Everyone is looking for that magic bullet that will effortlessly transform their bodies into a Greek God Or Goddess form. The comparison is apropos as this magic bullet, were it to exist, would most likely kill you. There are no magic bullets, no big red buttons you can push. However, there are some things that …

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What Is The Dukan Diet And Does It Work?

The Dukan Diet

According to the JFND (Journal of Food Science and Natural Disorders), the Dukan Diet does work better than other low-carb diets that it tested. But at what cost? And were these results attained by those taking the prescribed diet pills at the same time? The diet is broken down into 4 phases, with the first …

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