The Best Anti-Aging Diet to Maintain your Body in the 40s and Above

Healthy eating and living

Our fitness, appearance, quality of life, and risk of disease can all be significantly impacted by the foods we eat as we age. How quickly or slowly you age depends on what you eat. Our bodies depend on a variety of nutrients to sustain the aging process. Some nutrients, like those that support good skin, …

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Importance of Healthy Hair Loss Nutrition For Your Hair

nutrition for your hair

Introduction Hair fall is one of the most widespread problems faced regularly by both men and women nowadays. As per the research reports, there is healthy hair loss nutrition that you need to include in your daily diet with the intention of stopping hair fall and promoting healthy and rapid hair growth. If you are …

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Does Being Vegan Affect Your Hair – 20 Questions Answered?

vegan hair

Yes, it does. The thing to remember is that just as with all diet’s veganism can be done correctly or you can still have a horrible diet while being vegan. Oreos are vegan, French fries are vegan, white bread can be vegan, sodas and colas can be vegan. Are any of these things good for …

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What Are The Top Ways To Stay Healthy And Live Longer Part 2?


Since the beginning of time, we’ve wanted the fountain of youth, to live longer, feel younger longer and to have more time on this earth to share with our family and friends. We’ve wanted this as a species, as nations and as individuals. These means that it’s pretty inherent in all of us. So, something …

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What Are The Top Ways To Stay Healthy And Live Longer?

live longer

If you care about yourself and your loved ones, then there is one major question that is always on your mind. What can you do to help yourself and your family live longer and stay healthy while doing it? To really give you the best possible answer, we are going to answer the top Googled …

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Juice Fasting – My Firsthand Experience And Huge Results!


As one of the writers of this site, I do my level best to be and stay healthy. We don’t just write about health, how to improve it and all that goes with it, we also live it every single day. Every current member of the team has overcome diseases that are not supposed to …

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12 Top Health Product Questions That No One Is Answering


We get lots of questions that people like yourself really want the real-world answer to that no one is answering. Some are questions that most health practitioners would rather just avoid, or they simply don’t know the answers to them. So, we are going to dive right in and tackle them below. Disclaimer: The following …

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How To Anti-Age So You Look And Feel Younger Than You Are?

Fountain of youth

Ponce De Loen searched for the fountain of youth all throughout Florida and finally thought that he’d found it in Saint Augustine, FL. He was mistaken, but that doesn’t mean that anti-aging doesn’t exist, it just means that it’s unlikely that we’ll find it in a spring bubbling up from the ground. From the times …

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7 Natural Cough Remedy Solutions That Actually Work!


Coughing just sucks. Whether it’s a repetitive, dry barking cough or it’s deep, wet hacking, coughs are one of the worst symptoms of being sick. So, should you use natural remedies or go to the doctor? If your cough is persistent and lasts more than just a few days then it’s out opinion that you …

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