How To Care For A Pachyphytum Oviferum – Moonstone Succulent

The Pachyphytum Oviferum, or commonly known as the sugar almond or moonstone succulent, is a unique and beautiful house plant known for its moonstone-like leaves and easy care. Perfect for any gardener, elite or beginner, this succulent is great for adding an aesthetic touch to your home and garden. Even for beginners, it is hard …

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The Best Tips And Tricks To Care For Your Sedum Clavatum -Stone Crop

Sedum Clavatum

The Sedum Clavatum, or also known as the Tiscalatengo Gorge Sedum, is a rosette shaped succulent from Mexico. This succulent is loved by many gardeners for its ease of care and its ability to add life to almost any room.  Even though this succulent doesn’t require much care it’s still very important to know the …

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Pleiospilos Nelii – Split Rock Succulent How To Care For It

The Pleiospilos Nelli, or split rock succulent, is a tiny succulent that almost everyone that see’s it adores. But people who wish to find answers to their questions on the best tips and tricks to grow their little friend are having a tough time looking for anything useful online! So, we have written an article …

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String Of Bananas – Purple Flush – Top 28 Questions Answered

String Of Bananas succulent

We noticed that there really isn’t very much information on the string of bananas – purple flush online. So, we have gathered and answered the top 28 questions that people just like you are asking on forums, on sites and blogs and other gardening hot spots for the web. Be sure to read each of …

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The Best Guide For Taking Care Of Your Graptoveria (Debbi)


The Graptoveria hybrid succulent is a wonderful and beautiful starter plant for new gardeners and people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands but want to add some color to their living space, or those who just love super interesting succulents in particular. Since so many people want to know how to …

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All About Echeveria Elegans Succulents – Mexican Snowball

hens and chicks

The Echeveria Elegans, also known as the “Mexican Snowball” is a simple but beautiful succulent that can be easily taken care of indoors or out. We have gathered our most frequently asked questions about the Echeveria Elegans into a nice, detailed list that you can go through down below. What Are Echeveria Elegans? The Echeveria …

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Guide To Growing Your Orostachys Iwarenge – Dunce Cap

The Orostachys Iwarenge, or commonly known as the Dunce cap, is a small friendly looking, cone shaped succulent that is easy to propagate, safe for the family, and fun to grow. When researching this plant, we noticed there isn’t a lot of information about the Dunce Cap online. In fact, several of the resources actually …

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The Top 22 Crassula Perforata Questions Answered!

Crassula Perforata

Finding everything you need to know about the Crassula Perforata online can sometimes be difficult. So, we have gathered the top 22 questions for you all in one place below. And, when you read all the way to the bottom, we have answered an extra bonus question too! Enjoy! What Is A Crassula Perforata?   Crassula …

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How To Grow Your Crassula Muscosa – Watch Chain – Like A Pro

Crassula Muscosa

The Crassula Muscosa, or the “Watch Chain” succulent is one of the best beginner succulents for newbie gardeners or those who want some greenery to add life to their room. It is easy to manage and care for, great for adding that extra color pop to your living space as well as freshening up the …

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How To Grow Aloe Ferox – Cape Aloe – The Info You Need!

Aloe Ferox

The most popular known succulent genus, Aloe, is recognized for its medicinal and health benefits, that provide millions relief from all sorts of maladies all over the world. In fact aloe has helped so many for so long that it’s legendary in many countries and even revered as sacred in a few. The Aloe ferox …

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