Anacampseros Rufescens – Sand Rose – Sunrise – Growing Tips!

sand rose

The Anacampseros Rufescens, also known as the ‘Sand Rose’ or ‘Sunrise succulent’, is a colorful low-growing succulent that can be easily taken care of by anyone even those of us with no green thumb. However, after looking around the web, we really couldn’t find anyone who was putting all the information that we needed to …

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How To Grow Your Carrion Flower – Corpse Flower – Like A Pro


The Carrion flower, or as it is commonly known, the Corpse flower, is a species of plant known for its red colored star shape and its horrendous smell of rotten flesh. Yes, we know this may put some people aback at first, but once you come to understand this truly unique plant it will come …

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How To Care For Your Selaginella Lepidophylla – Dino Plant

dino plant

The Selaginella lepidophylla, or as its commonly named the “Dinosaur Plant” is a desert plant that can resurrect itself from extreme dryness, and it is this fact that gives it its most common title, the “Resurrection Plant”. So many people are growing succulents these days because they are beautiful, easy, very low maintenance and super …

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Indoor Garden Greenhouses (Your Questions Answered!)


We wrote a large article on how to make the best indoor garden greenhouse for anyone in nearly any living situation. It covered apartments, basements, kitchens and more. You can see it at this link: Click Here! The thing is, you can set up an indoor greenhouse and grow decorative plants or food just about …

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Indoor Garden Greenhouse’s (The Best Ideas)

indoor greenhouse

Indoor garden greenhouses are awesome, and they are one of the hottest items around right now because of so many things like; people wanting a food source they can trust in these trying times. Others want to grow flowers so they can mentally recharge from what’s going on. It’s hard to argue with which one …

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