Does Being Vegan Affect Your Hair – 20 Questions Answered?

Yes, it does. The thing to remember is that just as with all diet’s veganism can be done correctly or you can still have a horrible diet while being vegan. Oreos are vegan, French fries are vegan, white bread can be vegan, sodas and colas can be vegan. Are any of these things good for you? If you comprise the bulk or even a good portion of your diet on poor quality foods, vegan or not, you’ll have hair problems. However…

If you’re eating a super healthy, clean vegan diet that is comprised of whole foods with the majority of them being raw fruits and vegetables then you will give your body the ability to have the best hair you’re genetically capable of having.

One of the key reasons is that silica, one of the main components of hair is found in much greater quantities in plant foods than in animal foods such as meats or dairy. Just one banana has approximately 4.77 mg of silica many, many times higher than any animal food.

Without silica it becomes nearly impossible to have healthy hair that actually stay on your head and don’t fall out.

There are SO many questions people have all over the internet about veganism and their hair; will it grow better, will it fall out and more, that we decided to answer them for you.

Please read through the sub-headlines below and pick out the questions you have and see the answers to them.

Be sure to look them all over as some of them may just surprise you.

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Does Being Vegan Give You Better Or Worse Hair?

If you are a whole food vegan who doesn’t eat any processed foods then being vegan will most likely improve your hair, so long as you’re also eating a very inclusive diet. Inclusive meaning all sorts of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. Then yes, your hair and every other part of your body will likely do better because of the massive improvement over the Standard America Diet (S.A.D.).

If you take it to the next level and use an app such as Cronometer to track your nutrition and show all of the micro and macro nutrients that you’re getting or not getting, then that will have an even better affect as you know you’re not missing anything.

Is Silica Good For Your Hair?

Absolutely. Silica is a primary component of your hair, and you literally can’t grow hair without it. A great source of silica is banana’s which contain approximately 4.77mgs of silica per one average banana.

If you’re having challenges growing your hair to the level that you really want, then we suggest 2 or more bananas a day along with a serving of celery and a serving of button mushrooms per day.

The celery contains copious amounts of mineral salts that are also part of the hairs construct and the mushrooms provide mucilaginous polysaccharides which markedly help the hair follicles to stay rooted strongly in your scalp.

The combination of celery, mushrooms and bananas has worked well for this writer and to others that we are aware of. It’s not some miracle, it takes time, give it 9 months to see really good results. But it’s just food, you have to eat anyway, so why not include these in your diet.

What Vegan Foods Are High In Silica?

Bananas have 4.77mgs per average banana making them the highest known source vegan or otherwise. After that, then look to green beans, lentils, leafy green vegetables and brown rice which actually compared to bananas doesn’t have much at all but is still a source.

None of the animal sourced foods even come close to most of the vegan options. They have to get it from their fruits and veggies too, then they use it to build hair, so, if you don’t eat their hair and digest it, then you’d actually have a rougher time getting that nutrient than just eating plant sources.

Is There A Vegan Protein Hair Treatment?

Sure, there are many to choose from. We are not going to recommend any particular brand, but all you need to do is read the label. You’ll find several just by Googling it. But the real trick is to find one who’s ingredients have also NOT been tested on animals.

To do that you need to look for the bunny symbol on the side of the label and it will say that it’s cruelty free, not tested on animals etc.

Those are going to be much harder to find.

Once you find a couple you should get the top 2 or 3 rated products and test them to see which one you like and works best for you.

You can discern a lot from people’s testimonies and photos of the results. However, you’re going to have to see which one works with your body’s chemistry the best.

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Does Sea Moss Help Grow Your Hair?

You can apply sea moss products directly to your hair or take sea moss as a supplement. It is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E which can help with hair structure and growth. Taking large amounts as a supplement is not recommended due to its high iodine content that can cause goiter, hyperthyroidism and more.

Taken in the amounts listed on the labels should be acceptable as they know the dosage and concentration of their products and can give safe recommendations.

Iodine is necessary for proper thyroid function and humans don’t typically thrive without it. However, too much can cause issues as well. Generally, a person would usually have to overdo it for quite a while before it became problematic for them.

Does Vegan Hair Dye Really Work?

Yes, the top selling vegan hair dye’s have loads of testimonials from people who have had very good results. If you think about it, most hair dye manufacturers just had to tweak one or a couple of ingredients to make their product vegan. Then they just repackage it and gain access to another audience to sell to.

So, if it worked as a regular hair dye, then it should work as the vegan alternative as well.

Will Going Vegan Make You Lose Your Hair?

No, this should not be the case, so long as you’re eating a whole food vegan diet. You can eat junk food as a vegan too. If all you do is eat cookies and French fries washed down with one of the top sodas, then sure, you might experience hair loss.

However, of you eat a really well balanced, whole food diet then you should be good to go.

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Is Going Vegan Good For Hair Re-growth?

It sure can be, and here’s why. If you consume a whole food plant based or ‘vegan’ diet that is well rounded to where you get all of the nutrients that you need then your worries should be far less than those of meat eaters.

 You’re replacing those protein and fat calories with high value micronutrient containing calories coming from plants. As most people are deficient in micronutrients, getting 100% of your daily needs of them will boost nearly every system in the entire body, let alone your hair.

Use a free macro/micro nutrient counter ap to make sure you’re not missing anything, and if you are, then make the slight adjustments to bring yourself on track. They are simple and easy to use. Our favorite is:

Do Vegans Experience More Hair Breakage?

On average, no. Vegans should not experience more hair breakage as silica is one of the key nutrients responsible for hairs ductile strength and is found in much higher quantities in plant foods than animal, especially in bananas where it can average 4.77mg per banana.

Are Vegan Hair Products Better?

They sure can be. They can be better and safer for you, better for the animals and better for the earth. Do they work better? In truth some will some won’t. You’ll need to test the top-rated products in the color range you need. However, most of them are just the regular dyes with the non-vegan ingredients removed.

So, in many cases, yes, they will work just as well if not better than their non-vegan counterparts.

What Is Vegan Hair Dye?

Vegan hair dye is just like any other vegan product. It means that; this product was not made using any animal sourced ingredients (ingredients that came from animals), so that you’re not contributing to the death of animals in the search of vanity. Many, if not most of the vegan products are simply the regular products that have been modified to remove the animal sourced ingredients.

As such, most work just as well as the product they were taken from. Some few may work even better.

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Are Vegan Hair Dyes Safe?

Yes, you’ll have to judge this on a product by product basis. However, most vegan hair dyes should actually be safer than their animal ingredient counterparts. The reason being that the vegan market also demands that the product be more natural which means there will be less chemicals to endanger you.

Be sure to check each products label and look for ingredients that can be harmful. You can’t paint with a broad brush that vegan means safe, when in fact it only really means that is does not contain animal parts and or products.

What Is A Vegan Hair Salon?

Simply put, a vegan hair salon is a salon where none of the products used on your hair or body have any animal products in them whatsoever. To fully qualify, the chairs and other items cannot be made of leather and each of the hairdressers would also be vegan.

If they wanted to take it a step further, then all the products used would have never been tested on animals either. This can be rather hard to do for a salon because the product may not currently be used on animals for testing, but it could have in the past.

You may have to overlook that little point because many of the products they need to use won’t meet that stringent of a requirement. They may have been tested on animals years ago and the company has now gone vegan, or something similar to that.

What Is Vegan Hair Oil?

Vegan hair oils are just that, hair oils that are vegan! This really includes any hair oil or hair oil product that does not contain any animal ingredients and was not tested on animals. A small list of vegan hair oils would be jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil and could include many hair butters like shea butter and cocoa butter.

Are Vegan Hair And Nail Gummies Any Good?

The only type of nutritional gummies that are any good at all are the ones whose ingredients survive the melting process that they have to use to make the gummies into a syrup that can be molded into those shapes. Many ingredients will survive those temperatures, but you should research the individual product that you are thinking of taking to see if it’s ingredients can still provide benefit after such high heat.

Many herbs and most minerals will do well in gummy form. So, yes, vegan gummies are at least as good for you as regular gummies and they are likely better because they don’t contain animal proteins that can change during the high heat melting process and possibly become carcinogenic (cancer causing).

What Are Vegan Hair Extensions?

Instead of using animal or human hair, vegan hair extensions are made from synthetic materials such as acrylic or nylon. That’s really the gist of it. You’ll have to check to see what materials they used to make them, but they won’t be made from human or animal sources.

What Are Vegan Hair Wigs?

Vegan hair wigs are made from non-human and or non-animal sources. So, typically they will be made from synthetics such as acrylic or nylon fibers.

Best Things To Do For Vegan Hair Health?

All the health of the body is derived from the same core elements of your life; eat well, so that you get all the nutrients that you need. Get plenty of rest. Exercise often. And of course, do whatever it takes to de-stress. All the lotions, potions and cremes won’t do diddly until you have these few things in order.

Once you have these areas covered, then start to look at your hair and ask what is my hairs challenge? Is it dry, oily, brittle or something entirely different?

Then research the best dietary and lifestyle changes that you can make to correct the issue. Give that a good while to be able to take hold and change things, at least 6 months with 9 months being better. Then and only then start looking for a product that could possibly help.

Because, if you just do the product without making the changes, you’ll be working on this problem for the rest of your life, because you didn’t correct it, you just covered it up.

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Is There Such Thing As A Vegan Hair Removal Cream?

Yes, there is. Brands and their products come and go. So, just Google vegan hair removal cream and then start reading labels to be sure they are legit and look at their reviews with customer photos and test the top three to see which one works best for you.

That’s really the best way to find any new product for you to use.

Why Do Vegans Have Such Unhealthy Hair?

Lots of vegans like to go way off the deep and as far as being natural. So, they buy super natural products that don’t give them the same results as the chemical ones do. This makes their hair appear different. Not only that, but many vegan women only wash their hair once per week and so it may look a little thick and oily. However, they would argue that this is the natural state of your hair.

So, to each their own, but that’s the reason.