Does The Rice Diet For Weight Loss Work Or Is It A Hoax?

People are frantic to lose weight, but at what cost. A Doctor or Scientist makes a discovery that helps patients in a particular area, and oh, by the way, the patients also lost weight and every person bent on size reduction jumps on it.

This unhealthy trend in America and also in several European countries has to stop. It’s out of control. People are so desperate to drop weight that they hop on any bandwagon that comes through town.

In the very near future, we will be writing a diet book that will give you the real way to diet that can literally change your life.

For now, though, let’s take a look at the reason you’re here. Does the rice diet work, is it safe, what results can you get with it and what segment of the population was it actually developed for?

Yes, it was developed for a particular population section and even cross sections for a particular medical challenge that they faced, and it worked wonders on many of them. It really did, it saved some peoples lives, without a doubt.

But does that mean you need to be on it for weight loss? Read below and see for yourself.

Rice Diet

Disclaimer: The following is for educational purposes only. We are not advocating a change in dietary, health or exercise protocols. Please seek the advice or council of your nutritionally educated health care practitioner prior to engaging in any dietary or exercise changes.

What Is The Rice Diet?

The rice diet was developed to test out a theory in a laboratory setting that if people were limited to strictly one clean carbohydrate source with no other macronutrients that their arteries would unclog.

They were medially supervised, with times on diet ranging from 30 days to in some cases in follow up studies one year with the assistance of a vitamin mineral preparation that was also taken.

Yes, the artery unclogging did happen and in a rather profound manner.

However, as you might well imagine, other things happened too.

Namely for the purpose of this article they lost weight. Some subjects lost a moderate amount of weight due to metabolic slowdown, but others lost incredible amounts of weight during their time periods.

The chief challenges during the diet were the hunger and psychological food cravings.

The majority of the hunger cravings turned off with the patients hunger bells turning off after about the 3rd day or so.

Many of the psychological food cravings that had little or nothing to do with their physiology continued for several months into the study for those that went that long or longer.

The results were rather profound. Those that went only 30 days saw some reduction of the clogging of arteries. Those that went 3 months or more saw substantial benefits.

However, those that participated 6 months or more saw results that shocked the medical world.

In some cases, arteries that were up to 80 percent clogged fully reversed to the point that there weren’t even any fatty streaks left, let alone clogging.

The age of some of the patients confounded researchers even more with several being well into their 60’s when it’s thought that these clogs would be permanent and not even the best drugs would do much if anything at all to help.

This just goes to show you that the body wants to heal itself, we just need to quit eating crap, smoking, drinking and treating out bodies like amusement park rides and the body will figure it out and fix it.

Now, here comes the part we just have to tell you. Some of you are quite reasonable and maybe don’t need to hear this but should read it anyway.

Those few that really need to read this likely won’t but should none the less.

Under no circumstances on God’s green earth are you to undertake this kind of a diet without full on medical supervision.

This is not like juice fasting where you have 20 or more fruits and vegetables (if you’re doing it right) going into your daily juice.

This is just eating white rice, not even brown rice because they found that there was still too much protein in brown rice to get the single nutrient affect that they were looking for with white rice.

When juice fasting, you have so many nutrients coming in that your body is pretty well balanced.

When you only have white rice and water there are virtually no nutrients coming in and this is a recipe for disaster if you’re not fully qualified in what you’re doing.

Two of the main side effects are fatigue and fainting or just passing out due to blood sugar issues while doing this type of a diet.

That is NOT something you want to be doing when you’re at work or driving down the freeway at 70 mph. That could end very badly.

The main point here is, just because you hear of a diet where people lost a lot of weight does not mean you should do it too.

There are tons of crazy diets out there. We have covered many of them in the past such as the snake diet where you literally eat only one meal every few days because that’s how a snake eats.

Where is the logic in that? There are quite a few differences between humans and snakes, we should not be eating the same diets or in the same patterns. This is just ludicrous. However, thousands of people have done it.

Then, literally millions of people hop onto the latest diet craze every year not even thinking about the possible long term or even short-term health consequences.

We just want you and your family to be safe. So, please don’t jump onto a diet without vetting it completely before ever even considering it.

You have to realize that dieting on white rice and water is more than just a little limiting. Drs were testing and using it in extreme cases where if the people didn’t get help, they were quite likely going to die.

They had arteries so clogged that they could have had a major cardiac problem at any moment. These people had very little to no other choice.

They weren’t doing it to lose weight, that was just a side effect, they were doing it as an intervention to help save their lives.

Ok, enough of the rant, thank you for reading it, we appreciate it. But we just had to get that off of our chests before we exploded.

How Do You Do The Rice Diet?

It’s actually really simple, you eat steamed white rice and drink purified water up to the caloric intake that your basal metabolic rate can handle without overeating. We of course have to strongly advise against this unless you are under the direct supervision of a health care provider that actually knows what they are doing and has done this before.

The above was the very basics of how it’s done. The monitoring physicians would generally prescribe some sort of a multivitamin multimineral to be taken a couple times per day with the rice.

One of the problems with that is that most multivitamin products are made synthetically. You see, people have this weird idea that vine ripened, fresh produce goes into one side of a factory and vitamin pills magically spit out the other side.

This could not be farther from reality. Just to give a couple of examples of how these ingredients are made, that are later combined into multi vitamin multi mineral products we will cover just 2 below.

Vitamin C. One would hope that it was coming from citrus fruits or maybe even amla berries (the highest known source of naturally occurring Vitamin C in nature) or heck maybe they got it from bell peppers.

No, that is not how it’s made. The reason it must be called L – Ascorbic acid somewhere on the label is because it’s not real vitamin C at all. It’s made from reacting corn syrup solids with hydrochloric acid in a laboratory.

Yes, corn syrup solids, known to be quite possibly the worst form of sugar for humans to ingest.

The reason they can say vitamin C on the front of the label but elsewhere have to tell you it’s L – Ascorbic acid is that under a microscope it looks like vitamin C, and they even have data showing that it stimulates the immune system.

Yes, that is true. It looks like crystal razor blades under a microscope, and it does in fact cause the immune system to take action which looks like stimulation because the body is using the immune system to get rid of it. Your body sees it as a foreign invader and takes action to remove it.

That appears to be immune stimulation, which technically it is. It’s stimulated to get rid of it.

Iron. The reason that your iron supplements or the iron in your multi says ferrous sulfate or ferrous fumarate where they have to list the actual ingredient is that it really is one or the other.

This may not sound so bad until you understand that these are just chemically treated ground up iron. You know, the same iron that’s in your cast iron frying pan.

Why do you think that iron supplements are so notorious for giving women constipation? Because you’re not designed to eat ground up frying pans.

So, anyway, this doctor who if an MD likely has around 12 total course credit hours of study in the area of nutrition because that’s all that’s required, is now going to control whether you live or die based on the dietary and nutritional advice he or she is about to dispense to you.

Sounds like fun, right?

They are going to tell you that you should or shouldn’t follow this diet and they are going to with no research tell you which nutritional supplement to take to ensure you aren’t missing any key elements while you undertake this crazy diet that even people starving in the streets would avoid.

If it sounds like we are sinical it’s because together we have over 60 years in the study of nutrition, it’s application in our lives and recording the improvements and changes.

We’ve traveled to multiple continents simply to study, learn and be healed by some of the greatest minds in their fields with astounding track records of success and much more.

So, yes, we do have just a bit of the doubting Thomas’s when it comes to people following incredibly restrictive diets to lose weight that were never intended nor designed for that purpose.

Is The Rice Diet Safe?

By now you likely know our answer to this. But just in case… NO!

Dieting on a single carbohydrate that has even had all of its nutritional bran removed so as to make it devoid of fiber and nutrients is madness.

Unless that is, you are doing it as intended as an intervention to prevent death, then yes, and only under appropriate supervision.

However, to do it on your own, no way.

What Are The Benefits Of The Rice Diet?

Well, of course you’ll lose weight. After a week of eating nothing but rice and water you would have to force yourself to eat enough to even come close to maintenance calories. This means that, you like most people, would after a time stop eating any more than you had to and naturally reduce your calories, which in turn would cause weight loss.

These are not the intended benefits of the diet, however.

This diet was intended to help people with clogged arteries unclog them where other medical interventions are simply ineffective or not practical.

In other words, when the drugs and knives no longer work you go back to something natural.

You might be thinking that something this restrictive isn’t really natural. Well, our ancestors had to go long periods with little to no food and so it is rather natural.

By consuming a single carb source with no fats or protein in the diet they are stimulating autophagy in a very big way.

Autophagy literally means self-eating and so the body then eats away at the clogs in the arteries until you go in for tests, find they are gone and hopefully go on a really high-quality diet, so they don’t come back.

Sadly, that’s not the case. Once most people have cleared their arteries, they think they are cleared to return to the very diets that put them there in the first place.

We sincerely wish they’d stop doing that.