Fat Burning Tea Recipe – How To Burn The Most Fat Possible?

You want to lose weight, but most importantly, bodyfat, and you’re looking at things that can help you get that done faster and easier and hopefully without any side effects.

Tens of millions of people around the world are looking to shed bodyfat and lose weight, so you’re definitely not alone.

With all those people wanting to lose weight, what seems to be the problem?

I mean, why are we all getting so fat? And, why is it so stinking hard to lose the weight once you’ve put it on?

weight loss

These are questions we will answer below.

Plus, we will show you the very best tea and fat burner to help with your fat loss and weight loss journey.

However, right now it’s time to set the stage by answering the big question of ‘how does fat burning work?’

This is definitely one of the top 5 questions regarding bodyfat that we get asked on a regular basis.

Truthfully, without answering this question first, so that we are all on the same page, going into the sections below on teas and fat burners won’t make much sense because you won’t know how they actually work.

Then, when we get to our super section on how to use all of the methods as one, we could tell you the secret in plain English (no science jargon) and it still may not make sense without reading this section first.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in…

How Does Fat Burning Actually Work?

This is where a lot of confusion comes from. There are so many so-called gurus out there pushing one theory or the other that haven’t got a clue.

So, below we are going to break it down into the basic elements of how fat burning, and weight loss actually work.

To begin we need to address these two things first.

How Many Calories Are In One Pound Of Bodyfat?

There are 3,500 calories in one pound of human bodyfat.

What Is The Lowest Number Of Calories You Can Ingest For Weight Loss And Fat Loss?

In order to have enough calories to ensure that you can consume enough food varieties to be relatively sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need, it is advised that you not go below 1,200 calories per day.

If you do, you are putting yourself at risk of becoming malnourished.

The reason is pretty straight forward. Without a sufficient number of calories, you simply can’t eat enough food to get all the nutrients you need for optimum nutrition.

Then when you factor in the mass agriculture we have today, with the loss of the nutrients out of the soil and so therefore the foods as well, then you’re looking at a double whammy.

The foods don’t contain the nutrients they had 50 to 100 years ago and so now you actually need more food to get the same nutrition levels your forefathers or ancestors had.

This as it turns out is one of todays problems that we will discuss below. You’re hungrier now because there just aren’t as many nutrients in the food but your body still wants them, so you eat more.

1. Do You Have To Be In A Caloric Deficit To Lose Fat Or Weight?

We would say that this is the biggest issue where people get confused, so let’s break it down into its simplest components.

The simple answer to this is yes.

But it merits quite a bit of further discussion.

Yes, it is a matter of math, you must burn more calories than you ingest or ingest less calories than you burn (metabolize), but there is just a bit more to it than that.

To make the complex easy to understand we’re going to break it down into a few scenarios where you could see yourself doing them and thereby see just how it really works.

The First Scenario:

What Happens When You Take In Less Calories Than You Metabolize?

weight loss

In this scenario it doesn’t matter whether you work out or sit around all day watching your favorite shows.

If your metabolic functions only required 2,000 calories to maintain your current weight and you only consume 1,800 per day you have created a 200 calorie per day deficit.

At this rate you will burn 1 pound of excess bodyfat approximately once every 17.5 days. Remember, each pound of bodyfat contains 3,500 calories. So, you just divide 3,500 by the deficit number which in this case is 200 and you get 17.5 days.

As mentioned above you really can’t go below 1,200 calories per day. And by the way, dieting at such ridiculously low caloric intakes will end up making you fatter than you’ve ever been in the long run.

The reason being is that. to a decent degree, when you lower your caloric intake your metabolism slows down. This is NOT a good thing, in fact it’s actually the opposite of what you want. You want a faster metabolism, not a slower one.

Because, eventually you stop dieting and go back to regular eating. When you do this and your metabolism is low and slow from excess dieting you don’t burn off all those new calories you’re eating and boom, you guessed it, they get put right back on your body as fat.

Not only that, but, because you dieted on such a low-calorie diet, you also very likely lost muscle which is the engine that your body uses to burn calories.

You then would have a smaller engine and a slower, lower metabolism and would put on fat faster than ever with a much higher fat to muscle ration than before because much or your muscle is now gone.

So, in the end, restricting calories is a fool’s game. Because you lower your calories to burn fat, but then your metabolism slows down, then you lower your calories even more and your metabolism slows down again to meet it.

Pretty soon you can’t drop any more calories, or you’ll risk your health, so now what do you do?

We will discuss what to do in a minute.

That’s why this type of dieting just does not work. You can’t do it long term, it’s just not sustainable.

The Second Scenario:

Which Products Help To Burn Fat Or Raise Your Metabolism?

These types of products can be helpful but are much better when used properly as we will discuss in a later option.

When you use a fat burner or a metabolic enhancer what’s really going on is that; A). With the so-called fat burner, you’re usually using things that help shuttle fat to and through the cell to the mitochondria so that it can be used as fuel.

If your body is running optimally, you’ll do this anyway. However, you can add in agents that will help make this process faster. These are what are generally termed as fat burners.

B). Metabolic enhancers generally work by helping to use more energy to produce heat. These will most often also energize you and some of the dangerous ones will make your heart race and should be avoided.

Either way, no matter which product you use or if you use them in tandem, you should expect between 100 and 300 calories of additional energy expenditure from them per day.

This means that; if you did no caloric restriction and no exercise you could ‘burn off’ or metabolize somewhere between 100 and 300 calories depending on the product used and a whole host of other variables.

This can be helpful in your weight loss/fat loss journey, but as you’ll see below it’s still not the best option.

The Third Scenario:

What Happens When You Burn Off More Calories Than You Take In?

This scenario is much better, but still not optimal as you’ll soon see.

With this solution you engage in cardiovascular activity and that activity uses several hundred calories per day as fuel.

You can go for a long walk or do sprint walk interval training. The choice is yours and your doctors. As we will speak of in a disclaimer below, always consult the advice or council of your nutritionally educated health care practitioner before engaging in exercise.

Scenario Number Four: You Build A Bigger Engine


As we briefly mentioned above, when you have more muscle you have a bigger engine, this is incredibly valuable, but still not the optimal method that we will discuss next.

In this scenario you build muscle, as much muscle as you can. Never worry about becoming to muscular ladies. Unless you take steroids, you’re going to have a heck of a time building too much muscle. It’s really hard to do actually.

It’s really not something that you ever have to worry about. Here’s why.

When you see that you have just the right mount of muscle so that you look toned, lean and sexy, just stay there. Don’t add more weight, reps, training days or protein and you’ll literally just stay pretty much like you are.

In other words, just build until you look amazing and then go on a maintenance program to stay at that exact level.

However, when you build more muscle, you’re building a bigger engine that burns calories while you sleep, while you rest, while you commute to work.

Muscle needs calories to survive. So, if you eat the same diet of 2,000 calories which normally keeps you where you are, but add several pounds of muscle, the muscle burns off the calories for you and creates the deficit. Then, like magic, you start getting leaner (less fat).

Scenario Number Five:

What Is The Ultimate Method To Burn Fat And Keep It Off For Life?


You may have guessed it by now. Yes, the ultimate method is to use all four of the above methods described in the scenarios 1-4.

Here’s how that might work.

You reduce the number of calories you eat by only 100 calories. This is pretty easy to do, it’s the equivalent of giving up just one slice of bread per day. That’s nothing, when you think about it in the big picture.

The reason that you don’t drop your calories any more than this is because as we espoused above, it’s a fool’s errand. You can’t win long term by dropping calories over and over, it just won’t work.

But, dropping 100 is not a big deal and when you go back to normal with your newfound muscle and cardio, your body won’t rebound one bit.

Next, you take two products to help you burn more fat and raise your metabolism. You do NOT make this tea or fat burner on your own. You could get the ratios way off and end up with your heart racing or worse.

That’s the reason we don’t actually give you a tea recipe. You don’t have the professional scales used by industry to measure milligrams. Don’t take silly chances with your health and possibly even your life.

Instead use the tea we recommend because it’s super mild and the fat burner we recommend because the company is reputable and it’s a tested, verified good product.

Here are the two products we personally recommend:



You do these two according to their labels. Then you also incorporate the things we will discuss below.

Next you add in some cardio.

You can go on long walks, run, bicycle, roller skate or whatever you like, just so long as you move your body.

This cardio will burn off calories in direct relation to your output. I.E. You do more you get better results.

The next step is to add in resistance training.

You can go to the gym, use your own bodyweight, rubber bands or anything else that gives you resistance to completing a movement.

Be sure to work withing your capabilities, don’t over do it, especially at first. Build muscle slowly and watch what happens to the way you look in the mirror.

When you do all of these things in tandem you will find that you feel better, look better and have more energy than you have in years.

Maybe not at first.

At first you may need to sleep a bit more or take a nap after training while your body adapts.

Then, once you get used to it, you’ll never go back to your old ways and the way you used to look.

Disclaimer: Be sure to consult your doctor before any dietary or exercised changes.


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