How To Have More Energy All Day Long?

One of the top complaints in America and worldwide for that matter is that people just don’t have any energy. They complain of feeling drained and wiped out.

If this weren’t true energy drinks would not be such a hot seller and no one would bother drinking coffee.

The fact that most American’s drink on the other or both is a huge testament to what people really want which is to have more energy and feel better.

In fact, in a global review more than 80% of the people said that they would willingly shave 3 years off their life if they could have the remaining life full of energy.

Doctors have coined a term that they now actually call a diagnosis named ‘Tired All The Time’.

Some of the above information is from the book called ‘Tired All The Time’ as well. Yes, there is a book by that name too.

tired man

This shows you that you’re not alone, this is being felt by millions of others all over the world.

So, what is it that we can do about it?

The medical community doesn’t seem to have the answer. There is no drug you can take that will fix it long term without causing more harm than it does good.

So, what are we to do?

Below we will look at the various problems surrounding this issue and then look at the solution.

Why Do People Drink So Much Coffee?

In reality very few people drink coffee because they love the taste.

Now, I know, you may object to that saying that you know people who love the taste of coffee. But do they drink it black?

If not, and if they put in sugar, cream, syrups, milk and other flavorings or sweeteners then they really don’t like the taste.


So, it’s pretty obvious that most people drink coffee for the stimulant effect that it gives you, or what people think is an energy boost.

It’s not really an energy boost because coffee doesn’t contain many calories and therefore doesn’t supply real energy, it just stimulates the central nervous system.

Is Coffee Bad For You?

Yes and no.

You see, coffee contains several antioxidants which are, chlorogenic, ferulic, caffeic, and n-coumaric acids along with melanoidins (brown pigments) that are synthesized into antioxidants once in the body.

These coffee antioxidants do help remove oxidative free radicals, that is true.

However, you could quite easily get plenty of antioxidants from other whole food sources that don’t have any deleterious effects like the coffee does.

The reason we have to talk about the negative effects of the coffee is that they do have consequences in your body, coffee is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Brewed coffee has a PH of between 4.85 and 5 which makes it acidic.

What makes it so acidic is that it contains 9 different acids, some of which have antioxidant properties to them and some of which cause hyperacidity in the body. They are listed here in order of concentration in the bean, chlorogenic, quinic, citric, acetic, lactic, malic, phosphoric, linoleic, and palmitic acids.

If you’ve ever drank old coffee out of a pot that has been on all day so that the coffee liquid has evaporated and left you with that last nasty bit, you know it has acids because people say that it tastes like battery acid.

When you drink that, you can feel it messing with your stomach and it also makes you edgy and wired feeling.

Those acids are concentrated enough so that you now feel them, but they are there in every cup of coffee you drink. It’s just that most people cover it up with sugar, cream, milk or syrups.

Those acids damage several systems in your body, it’s just that at the lower doses you’ve likely gotten used to them. It’s when they are concentrated that they really pop and stand out.

So, coffee has a few good antioxidants that are beneficial, and it has several acids that are quite harmful.

There is no reason why you’d drink coffee for its antioxidant properties when you can get better and higher quality antioxidants from the whole, raw foods you eat.

This supposes that you are eating whole raw fruits and vegetables. If not, then please start. It’s literally the best thing you can do for your health, besides possibly exercise.

Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?


With coffee we said that it’s both good and bad to give it the benefit of the doubt.

With energy drinks there is no doubt, they are horrible for you unless you’re taking one that nurtures the system instead of stimulating it.

If you could find an energy drink with maca root, real Siberian ginseng, the amino acid taurine, the amino acid tyrosine and then glutamine or some other mixture of beneficial ingredients then yes, go for it.

energy drinks

But you’d have to check the label in a big way to ensure there isn’t any caffeine or other stimulants in it.

Plus, you’d need to ensure it doesn’t have any sort of refined sugars that will spike your blood sugar and cause glucose regulation challenges that will lead to diabetes.

It also cannot have any artificial sweeteners other than stevia, monk fruit or other completely natural sweeteners. If it does, then it has to be off limits because of the toxicity.

Now you can see why finding one that actually works that is not only not harmful but actually good for you can be so challenging.

It can be a real bugger.

Why Don’t I Have Any Energy?

The real reasons you may not have the energy levels that you’d like, are not what most people want to hear. They want to hear that there is a magic pill that will take care of it without any effort on their part.

That’s just not going to happen. And if someone said they had such a pill, you should be very wary of them.

Your real reasons are going to be one, a combination of, or all of the following.

You are most likely lacking energy because your diet is poisoning you and not nurturing you instead.

If you’re eating foods that come in boxes, cans, plastic containers etc. Then you’re bound to have issues. If your food can be delivered to you by a local restaurant or especially a chain, then chances are it’s worse for you than it is good.

You should be consuming whole raw foods. No, we are not speaking of raw meat, eggs and fish, just raw fruits, nuts, seeds, berries and vegetables.

If 90% of your diet was raw foods and the rest was even junk (which we don’t recommend) then you’d still have a profound impact on your health.

The next reason you may be lacking in energy is that you’re likely not exercising enough.

Yes, that sounds backwards. You exercise and you come home tired, so how does that give you more energy?

Well, the way your body adapts to the stress is by making you stronger, faster or what have you. Now because your body is better tuned, you feel better, utilize energy more efficiently, have a better running cardiovascular system, have a better functioning brain and so much more.

Then there is sleep. Most people don’t get adequate rest and recovery. So, they are tired when they wake up, tired all day long and then don’t function as well as they could which lowers the quality of their life.

How To Have Fantastic Energy All Day Long?

Health and feeling good is fifty percent what you DO, and fifty percent what you DON’T DO!

Let us explain.

Maybe you woke up and had a perfect glass of fresh juice from your juicer, but you stayed out until 3am had to get up at 5am slept till 5:30 to cheat it a little and now you’re in a huge rush and feel like crap.

That glass of juice, while it may be natures miracle, can’t make up for you trashing your body and still expecting it to perform. It’s just not going to happen.

Staying out all night drinking is the fifty percent you should not do and drinking the juice or having a great breakfast is the fifty percent you should do.

You need to do both correctly. If you did your job or your business halfway, what kind of results would you expect?

If you just put half effort into raising your children, loving your spouse or any other important aspect of life, what results would you expect?

Health is one of those important aspects of life. Some would argue the most important. Because the cars, houses and jewelry lose their luster on your death bed, when you’d trade them all for one more day.

So, let’s break this down into the sections that will give you the best results when you apply yourself to them.

How Does Your Diet Effect Your Energy Levels?

The simpler question would be, how doesn’t it. Your diet plays a huge role in every single aspect of your life, so much so, that it literally guides it like a rudder guides a ship.

Consume too much sugar, feel hyper, then crash, consume more sugar to get hyper again, crash harder, become constipated, get diabetes and live on insulin until you die prematurely.

Eat whole raw foods fresh from the earth, colorful, delicious fruits berries, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Have great digestion, feel fantastic, live virtually disease free, add several years of quality living to your life and die peacefully in your old age having lived a good life.

fruits and vegetables

One dietary choice steers you towards misery, the other towards joy. You only have but to choose.

Never say you can’t.


So, how do you use diet to explode with seemingly unbounded energy?

Well, we are going to give you two ways. The hardcore health way, which is the right way and a softer way that can help you dramatically but is not optimal.

Why would we give you a softer way?

The truth is that with many people, the moment they read the best way will say in their minds; ‘that’s too hard’, ‘oh, no way, that’s not for me’ etc.

Then, the people who really want it will see the best way and say, looks like a different path than what I’ve been doing, which is always challenging. However, I’m up for the challenge.

Method #1 – The Right Way!

You take a solid food vacation and do a 30 day juice fast using Chlorella and Psyllium seed husk (fiber) to cleanse your entire digestive tract.


Be aware that you will pass multiple feet long ropes of what looks like rubber or jelly out of you called fecal plaque. This stuff is toxic, it’s inside of you rotting right now and you need to eliminate it.

You should go read our article on Juice Fasting and the first hand results I had, you can read that by clicking the link.

It’s a real eye opener and you really should read it either way.

The reason you should do a juice fast first is that you are toxic, if you don’t cleanse, you’re never going to achieve optimal health, that much we can all but guarantee.

The next step is, stop eating crap!

Sorry to be so blunt, but this is just the truth.

You have to stop eating unnatural things that you’ve been told are food, they aren’t.

Not to mention product names, but if you had a cave man alive today and put a so-called snack cake with cream filling in front of him, he would likely sniff it and lift his leg and pee on it, but we doubt he’d eat it.

It’s not food.

For the most part, real foods don’t need packaging. Look at apples, bananas, berries, cherries, carrots, figs, oranges, beets, celery and more, no packaging required.

That’s one of your hints that you should not be eating it.

You can adopt a vegan diet or not, that’s up to you. Is it the healthiest, yes, there is no doubt, there is so much research we could back a truck up to your house with research papers.

However, that’s your decision.

What should you be eating? Well, start with the list we just gave you above of all the foods that don’t need packaging and just expand that.

Yams, broccoli, squashes, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, nut’s, seeds, legumes, tubers and virtually everything else that’s natural and nontoxic.

These are the foods that you should eat.

A very good eating plan is to munch on fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds all day and then have a huge salad at night with your own home-made dressing that contains no dairy, sugar, salt or oils.

Method #2 The Softer Approach

Skip the juice fast and just eat as we have espoused above.

The reason that the juice fast is so important is that then you start with a clean slate.

You’ve eliminated most if not all of the toxins and are starting fresh.

These are choice only you can make.

But, either way, chose one of the above paths and get started today!