Juice Fasting – My Firsthand Experience And Huge Results!

As one of the writers of this site, I do my level best to be and stay healthy. We don’t just write about health, how to improve it and all that goes with it, we also live it every single day.

Every current member of the team has overcome diseases that are not supposed to be able to be reversed, but we have done it anyway.

The founder is the first and only known (to the best of our research searching for another or others) person to fully reverse pancreatitis in the USA. That’s huge, beyond huge actually.

He was able to take that incredibly painful disease that literally ruins your life and has one of the highest suicide rates for painful diseases in North America and reverse it.

That’s amazing and he’s walking talking living proof that it can be done. 

Disclaimer: The following is for educational purposes only. We are not advocating a change in dietary, health or exercise protocols. Please seek the advice or council of your nutritionally educated health care practitioner prior to engaging in any dietary or exercise changes.

Then, there’s my story.

I’ll do my best to spare you the gory details, but once you hear what I’ve reversed and am in the process of reversing and hear the results, you’ll hopefully find motivation in them and hope for yourself no matter what you may be facing.

We will cover a lot in this article, so be sure to read it all the way to the end. Some things might just surprise the heck out of you.

My first juice fast – why I did it

Back in 1995 I was bodybuilding, powerlifting and training in martial arts. I’m a disabled former Marine but I do my best to never let that stop me or dictate what I do with my life.

green juice

I felt something was wrong. I was working in the health industry and had formed my own company selling nutritional supplements to the health food stores.

As such I was going around lecturing and teaching the health food store staff about nutrition and my line of products.

So, to most people I was the picture of health, on the outside at least.

My digestion was so bad that I got gassy from drinking water. That’s a joke of course but it was pretty close to that level of digestive issues.

I knew about juice fasting, had read Dr. Walker’s book ‘Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Juices – What’s missing in your body’. Considered the father of modern day juicing his book was and still is basically required reading on the subject.

I’d also read 4 other books on the topic from various health professionals as well as ‘Intestinal Cleansing Through Bowel Management’ By Dr. Jensen.

I was just a guy, a person like you, looking for answers as to why I felt like garbage even though everyone around me thought I was a poster boy. That may not be your exact situation, but I’m sure you can relate.

So, armed with that information I decide to…

Go On My First Juice Fast

By the way, as we will discuss later, I’m on a long-term juice fast as I’m writing this. Today is day number 19 of 30 day fast. And no, back to my first ever juice fast and what the heck happened.

The first thing I had to do was determine what kind of juicer I wanted.


I didn’t really care about juicing wheat grass, so I could go with a masticating juicer or a centrifugal force one. I chose a masticating one called the Champion Juicer because it is so much more heavy duty than some of the ones that were available back then.

Today they have pressing juicers like the Nama Juicer. Those were not a thing back then, so masticating was it.

Masticating means that it chews it up very similarly to your teeth grinding it up.

It then uses a screw like mechanism to press the juice out.

Yes, that juicer is the heaviest on the market for a noncommercial juicer, but that’s what I wanted. I knew I wanted to be able to run whole carrots through it, and not have a problem or have it sound like it was going to break like some of the other ones.

Is The Champion Juicer Any Good?

Heck yeah. I’ve done multiple 30-day juice fasts with it and never had an issue. It doesn’t do wheat grass but none of them do unless you get a special attachment.

So, I did a 30-day juice fast for my first juice fast. No, I didn’t test the waters with a short one to start, I just jumped right in with both feet.

junmping into water

I knew I needed to do something with the way I was feeling, but I didn’t have a clue what was really going to happen next.

The juice that I made was what we call kitchen sink juice around here. That means we juice everything that we can get juice out of except the kitchen sink.

That’s not an exaggeration.

Just a small list of the things that go into the juice are, carrots, ginger, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, celery, tomatoes, limes, kale, spinach, baby bok choy, cabbage, grapes, pomegranate, beets, watermelon and other melons like cantaloupe, apples and many more actually.

I made a gallon of fresh juice every day and drank it all.

That then begs the question…

How To Juice Fast For Best Results?

What we’ve found that gave us the best results was the kitchen sink juice sipped all day long.

Literally, as I’m writing this for you, I have a 16oz glass of juice behind me with a straw that I constantly sip on throughout the day.  Mmmm, in fact I just took a sip right now, delicious.

After trial an error we don’t recommend doing simple juice combinations or mono juices.

Watermelon Juice

Simple combinations would be things like, carrot apple pear or celery, cucumber and grapes. Mono meaning it would be things like straight orange juice or straight pineapple juice etc.

The reason being that having a really well-balanced juice really helps keep your blood sugars stable and also delivers an incredible array of nutrients to flood your system with nutrition and antioxidants all day long.

The others can be consumed as a novelty, but they should not be your mainstay. They just don’t have the balance to sustain you all day long.

Ideally you want about a 50/50 blend of fruit and vegetable juices so that you’re slamming both vitamins and minerals into your system all throughout the day, which is what your body thrives on.

Now let’s take a look at the results of this 30-day juice fast. What happened in this one and in a little bit we’ll take a look at what’s happening now, huge difference, huge, huge, huge!

I began elimination all of the fecal plaque that I had built up to that point in my life. I started passing ropes of it anywhere from 6 inches long to one being about 14 feet long.

You might wonder how that’s possible. Well, it compacts like a slinky and then you can unravel it if you like.

I lost about 15 pounds, but weight loss was not my goal, I didn’t really want to lose weight, as I was actually worried about losing muscle.

What Were My Results On My First Juice Fast?

Everyone’s results will be a little different and many of your results will be the same or very similar. A lot depends on how full of gunk you were and how toxic you had become.

1. As stated I passed the fecal plaque in the form of ropes and pieces. If you want to see what fecal plaque looks like, here is a link to the Google search for that: Click Here!

If you don’t want to see it, just don’t click the link.

We provide the link for educational purposes only, not to gross anyone out. So, as stated, if your sensitive to these things just skip the link.

2. I needed less sleep per night. I normally need 7 hours of sleep per night. If I get 8 I’m groggy, if I get 6 I’m tired.


I only needed 6 hours sleep per night. I know this because almost to a tee, after 6 hours my eyes would open, and I’d be bright eyed, and bushy tailed.

3. I passed sand and small stones out of my kidneys for about a week. This is a major benefit because I sure don’t want them becoming large stones.

4. I had really great, long lasting, stable energy all day long with no drop offs or tired times like I had when I was eating regular foods.

5. The weights I was lifting in the gym actually went up. That one I almost couldn’t believe. I was flabbergasted, but it was happening none the less.

I remember one of the strength gains still to this day. I was leg pressing with 24 – 45lb plates and I went up to 26 – 45lb plates. The others I don’t recall, but that one I sure do.

The main gist of this is that; everyone’s results will vary, but we have no doubt that you will get results.

The Juice Fast I’m Doing Now – Why?

The reason I’m juice fasting now is the same reason you can’t just clean your house one time and forget about it.

Things get dirty, gummed up and nasty inside of us. There is a saying amongst juice fasters: ‘you may not remember your first hot dog, but your colon sure does’.

Everything we eat, every meal, every snack and every thing we know we shouldn’t eat leaves its residue behind and layer upon layer of that stuff builds up over time.

So, then it comes time for you to clean your house. Not the one you bought, but instead the one you were born in. The inside of your body.

People take such good care of the outside of their bodies with salon visits, haircuts, showers, bathes, shaving, creams – lotions and potions, the best clothes to look good and more.

But how much care, maintenance and cleaning have you given to the inside of your body?

This is something you should consider, because it’s arguably the most important of the two.

My Juice Fast Challenge

The reason I’m doing this juice fast is that; I contracted cancer and diabetes. No, I don’t eat sugars or crappy foods. But I was a such a meat eater for so long that my friend nicknamed me ‘Captain Carnivore’. You know, the silly thing was, I was actually kind of proud of it. What a moron I was.

Many people don’t realize that your blood sugars rise in response to a meat meal nearly as much as a sugar meal.

The process of converting proteins into carbs is called gluconeogenesis. Your body is very efficient at it, mine was a little too efficient. So, even though I thought I was staving off diabetes because of my massive meat meals I was actually causing it… Sigh…

I got to the point where no matter what I ate I would pass out, not sleep mind you, but actually pass out into a diabetic coma. I once went to go pee before bed, sat down because I was tired and didn’t want to sprinkle. I woke up to my alarm the next morning still sitting there. I passed out and never went to bed.

This is somewhat dangerous too; I could fall off and hit my head or something.

 I had a lymph node pop out and rot outside my body because it was cancerous. I have 5 spots that somewhat resemble moles, but they are the size of quarters and are crusty, broken and irritating.

I’m providing pictures so that you can see what I’m telling you is true.

Once again, not attempting to gross you out, but these are not very gross.

My feet swelled up and I had the big purple area on my ankle where the tissue was starting to go through necrosis (death of tissue).

I had systemic inflammation; my left ear was totally plugged so that I couldn’t hear anything short of a very loud yell right at that ear.

foot swollen
leg wound
lymph node
Lymph Node

My Results

Each of these challenges are going away.

I have 95% plus hearing restored.

My feet are 60 less swollen, the purple necrosis is fading, I can walk up flights of stairs without having to stop and huff and puff. I don’t pass out anymore into diabetic comas, where that used to be 1- to 5 times per day.

I can see and feel the edges of the cancer spots lifting up as if they are being undercut by the body wanting to get rid of them.

Other things are improving as well.

Your Juice Fast Plan

You can develop your own juice fast plan with the information I’ve given you above. We highly recommend the kitchen sink method as we said. The other ones are too sugary, and just don’t give you the balanced nutrition that your body needs.

plan for juice fast

It’s Up To You

You’ve heard the results, each one is 100% true, you have my word. There is nothing standing in your way.

So, what are you going to do?

If you’re going to do a juice fast be sure to follow our disclaimer that we have written above. You need to make sure you’re healthy enough to do it.

But, once you’ve been cleared, go for it.

You’ll be amazed!


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