What Is The Dukan Diet And Does It Work?

The Dukan Diet

According to the JFND (Journal of Food Science and Natural Disorders), the Dukan Diet does work better than other low-carb diets that it tested. But at what cost? And were these results attained by those taking the prescribed diet pills at the same time? The diet is broken down into 4 phases, with the first …

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Does Juice Fasting Help You Lose Weight And Fat?

Juice Fasting

Yes, it sure can. Most people do juice fasting for one or both of the following benefits. Detoxification and/or weight loss. People who are more advanced in fasting might also do it to help clean or repair a specific organ or body part. Still, if we had to guess, we would say that the majority …

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What’s The Best Coffee To Drink Black?

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

To truly determine what’s the best coffee to drink black you first have to determine the purpose that you’re drinking the coffee for. If all you want to know is which is the best black coffee to have as your morning coffee, then that’s pretty easy to determine and we’ll get to that below in …

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