juice fasting

Does Water Fasting & Prolonged Intermittent Fasting Work?

Water Fasting

Yes, yes it does. You may have noticed we said yes IT does, that was not a mistake. Water fasting does work for weight loss and health improvement. However, prolonged intermittent fasting would be defined as lengthening the portion of a day where calories are not consumed. This in and of itself has not been …

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Is The Paleo Diet Any Good For Serious Weight Loss?

The Paleo Diet

Nothing has changed, everyone is still looking to lose some weight. The question is, what is the best diet to lose all this weight that Americans and the world has gained? Is there a best diet? Well, of course there is. Well, of course, there is. There can be only one truth about any given …

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Does Juice Fasting Help You Lose Weight And Fat?

Juice Fasting

Yes, it sure can. Most people do juice fasting for one or both of the following benefits. Detoxification and/or weight loss. People who are more advanced in fasting might also do it to help clean or repair a specific organ or body part. Still, if we had to guess, we would say that the majority …

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Juice Fasting – My Firsthand Experience And Huge Results!


As one of the writers of this site, I do my level best to be and stay healthy. We don’t just write about health, how to improve it and all that goes with it, we also live it every single day. Every current member of the team has overcome diseases that are not supposed to …

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Is Fasting The Best Diet For Detox Or Weight Loss?

water fasting

Fasting can be one of the fastest and most effective weight loss and detox dietary strategies around when done correctly. There are many types of fasting, some geared for weight loss and some towards detoxing. Continue reading to see which ones will best suit your individual needs. Disclaimer: The following is for educational purposes only. …

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