Vegans VS Meat Eaters – Who Gets More Toxins And Poisons?

This is part two of a two part article on the subject of which eating group is subjected to more poisons and toxins overall, the meat eaters or the vegans?

We all know that our diet has challenges these days whether we like it or not. We know we are subject to poisons from chemicals we’ve never even heard of before and toxins we can’t even spell.

We all wish that these giant corporations would stop doing this outrageously hideous damage to us, our environments and our diets.

We just want to eat good clean foods, drink good clean water and live our lives with our families in the way that nature intended, free from constant contamination and bombardment with whatever new chemical they come up with next.

Is it too much to ask that we just be allowed to live free, happy healthy lives?

As crazy as it sounds, that’s a pretty basic request.


However, there are corporations that are so far bent on putting profits over people that they would actually answer that question with a NO.

Since they are not going to just let you live without their chemical footprint on your neck, you have to figure out what you need to do to get you and your family out from under their boot as much as possible.

We are truly sorry that things have gotten so backwards. Because to a logical person it would seem that one should have to study how to be un-natural and that being natural would be the field that would require little or no study.

But, with the constant bombardment that you and your family are under, those roles have reversed.

Now you have to study, dig and discover how to be or remain natural vs un-natural. As crazy as that sound, it’s the truth.

So, this two part article and in fact our entire site is devoted to helping you to discover how you and your family can live happy, healthy and free.

If you have not yet seen part 1 we would suggest discovering that first. When you click the link, the page will open in a new window so that when you close it, you’ll be right back here and won’t even lose your place. Click Here!

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in shall we…

Do Vegans Consume As Many Chemical Fertilizers As Normal?

The short answer is no and a possible yes. You see, being vegan don’t necessarily mean that you eat exclusively organic, many do, and some don’t. For those that don’t eat only organic they could be consuming nearly as many or even more chemical fertilizers than that of their meat-eating counterpart.

The traces from these fertilizers are not just found in the plants, they are also built up in the fats of the animals that eat them such as cows, pigs and chickens.

These fertilizers run into our waterways and end up in the fish from the rivers to the oceans.

So, animals then become toxic concentration sites for them and when you consume that animal you get those toxins.

Whether you’re a meat eater or vegan, eating a 100% organic food diet will help reduce the quantities of these fertilizers in your foods.

Being vegan will eliminate the build up you’re consuming in the fat stores of the animals.

So, overall, being a whole food organic vegan is the way to go.

organic food

Will A Vegan Diet Effect The Environment Like A Meat Eaters?

No, not even close, and here’s why. We use a lot more land to feed the animals that people eat than to grow the plants that people eat.

We spray far more chemicals on the land growing animal feed than we do food for humans as well.

Then you have the massive amount of water to grow those animals feed crops, plus the incredible amount of water that the animals themselves consume. Just as one example: it takes 1,847 gallons of water to grow 1 pound of beef whereas it only takes 34 gallons of water to produce one pound of potatoes.

That might sound a little outrageous at first, but stop to think about how much water a cow drinks per day, how much water it takes to grow the grass they eat, how much to grow the other feeds they eat and how much to clean them and clean up their areas. Add that together and that’s how you get those numbers.

It also takes about 6 pounds of corn or other dry matter (cow food) to grow one pound of beef. You could have fed starving people that 6 pounds of dry matter (corn, grains etc.) feeding 12 people for a day, instead it was used to make only one pound of beef feeding one person a very deficient diet for a day.

So, as you can see, it’s virtually impossible for a vegan to have anywhere even close to the same type of an environmental footprint as a meat eater. Plus, when you factor in the real footprint on the earth of a meat eater which robs so many around the world of food, the disparity becomes huge.

Yes, we know it’s not that simple and greedy governments horde the food and don’t share it with those in need. We know and abhor this, however, the footprint remains the same.

Does A Vegan Diet Contain Any Diseases Like A Meat Eaters?

The diseases that are found in animal flesh, no, those would not be found inside a purely vegan diet. The exceptions would be that; humans are growing the food and in some countries, they will poop and pee in the fields right next to the growing food.

So, yes, it is possible for the vegan plant foods to become contaminated with salmonella and other human or animal borne diseases.

If the companies that grow the food take proper care of their workers, then this is generally not an issue.

However, you should always properly wash and handle all of your foods to ensure that you take every precaution, because, who knows how it was grown.

The vegan does not on the other hand have all the diseases of the animals to deal with such as mad cow disease, swine flu, bird flue and others such as corona viruses that are found in bats.

Does A Vegan Diet Cause Clogged Arteries Like A Meat Eaters?

No, the vegan diet does not contain any form of cholesterol that is only found in meats and therefore should not be subject to the same artery clogging challenges.

That being said, a vegan diet could potentially have foods that could cause arterial inflammation that could potentially cause a thrombosis, however, these should be exceedingly rare.

Other than consuming an extremely agitative food, no, there would be no mechanism for the diet of a vegan to cause it. However, extremely high stress levels can play a contributing factor, and all persons are subject to stress, vegan or not.


Do Vegans Consume As Many GMO’s As Normal Diets Do?

Yes, it is entirely possible that a vegan diet could have as many GMO issues as a traditional diet. The reason is whether you’re vegan or not you still have to look at the labels and be sure that the foods you’re eating are non GMO.

Once you carefully determine where everything you’re eating is coming from and if they use GMO products then you can avoid them, and this is irrespective of being or not being vegan.

Do Vegans Consume More Organic Pesticides Than Other Diets?

Yes, it might be safe to say that we may have finally found one thing that vegans consume more of than meat eaters, with the exception of the fruits and vegetables themselves that is.

It might be a safe bet that vegan would typically consume more organic pesticides than others simply because they are consuming more organic foods than other groups.

Organic farms often times use organic, safe alternatives to keep harmful bugs at bay. It’s a normal practice for tomato farmers to use baking soda to kill aphids that eat the leaves. However, baking soda, in small mounts, is not toxic to humans and so this is considered safe.

Also, you are of course advised to wash your produce before consuming it and this action would remove any of the baking soda residue.

Yet, since organic pesticides are used more in organic farming, yes, a vegan would naturally be subject to consuming more of them. However, they are safe and natural so the harm to the person consuming them should be negligible.


Do Vegans Get As Much Human Waste In Their Diets?

For the most part, yes, there would not be much difference in the diets for this purpose. However, the vegan diet would get far less and possibly none at all of the animal waste found in a meat eaters’ diet.

Much of the human waste would come from humans relieving themselves in the fields where the food is grown. So, being vegan would not automatically cut down on that, as a matter of fact, because of the copious amounts of produce vegans consume it might if anything increase it.

It would also then stand to reason that a vegan diet would in turn decrease the amounts of animal waste found in the diet.

Since there is far more animal waste found in the typical diet, the reduction would end up being a net positive for the vegan.

Does A Vegan Consume More Rat And Rodent Pesticides?

It could be possible that a vegan might consume more rat and rodent poisons than an average diet simply because they consume so much more vegetable matter than the other diets.

However, since rodent poisons have to be used in very strict methods that don’t actually make contact with the foods themselves it would be safe to say that if farmers are following the rules neither the vegan nor the meat eater group should have much to worry about on this one.

Do Whole Food Vegans Get As many Viruses As Regular People?

That depends upon your definition of getting them. Yes, they will be exposed to just as many as any other group of people, however, will they contract as many noticeable symptoms as other people and the answer to that is depending on the groups you’re comparing, likely not.

Here’s why.

The average whole food vegan gets far more nutrients and antioxidants than does their counterpart eating at fast food places, getting breakfast at a convenience store and eating dinner as take out or from a box you microwave.

These natural nutrients, antioxidants, phytochemicals and more help protect the body against all sorts of things, viruses just being one of them.

As such they still get attacked by the same number of viruses, however, they just end up feeling the symptoms of far fewer as they are destroyed instead of being able to gain a foothold and eventually make you sick.

Do Vegans Consume As Many Herbicides As Meat Eaters Do?

Not likely as a whole, no. Here’s why.

Herbicides are used to a far greater extent in livestock feed production than in the raising of human intended foods.

The herbicides do linger and accumulate in the tissues of animals, and we then consume them in much greater quantity when consuming that animal as food.

This build up in the tissues is most pronounced in grassland feeders such as cows, sheep and the like.

Since vegans don’t eat these creatures, they are not subjected to the toxic build up in the tissues that floods your body when you consume them.


In Conclusion:

Now that you’ve had a chance to read this article, you’ve likely guessed 2 things, we have not been impartial towards vegans or meat eaters, we’ve just said it as it is. If you’re a vegan and more at risk than other groups, we have said so without bias.

The other thing you may have concluded is that if you’re not yet considering becoming a vegan, you may wish to do so. It may be the best health decision you’ve ever made. But, that’s up to you. Either you will, or you won’t.

Either way, we hope you’ve enjoyed the article.







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