What Are The Best Fruits To Eat For Health?

The quick, succinct answer would be to eat these top 10 healthiest fruits on the planet, which are (in no particular order): Avocado, pineapple, guava, grapefruit, apple, pomegranate, cherries (yes, technically they are fruit), papaya, durian and lemon. Each have their own properties that contribute to health that we will discuss below.

Why Are These 10 Fruits The Healthiest?

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There are some really solid reasons these fruits are the best fruits to eat for health and below we are going to go into the reasons each was chosen.

The main criteria to make it onto our list of the worlds healthiest fruits were that they each had to have multiple impacts on health and that cumulatively the entire list had to have the largest overall impact on health when combined.

That is to say that; they each have amazing health properties on their own. Then, when you eat multiple fruits from the list in combination the benefits actually begin to compound.

So, how do you figure out…

What Are The Best Fruits To Eat For Health?

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There is really no way to say that one fruit is healthier than the other. It all depends on what your individual needs are.

As an example: If you consume a lot of deep, cold water fish, then maybe your needs for EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) are already covered and you may not benefit from eating avocados as much as someone who is low in EFA’s.

The same can be said for eating a lot of broccoli and bell peppers. If you do, you may not have as great a need for vitamin C as someone else. So, you may not want to prioritize high Vitamin C fruits as much as another person.

Let Me Tell You A Very Big Secret!

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Do you know what the most important nutrient in the world is?

The answer is: The one you’re missing!

You see, you may not be missing the same nutrients in your diet as your neighbor is, or especially someone halfway around the world. Likewise, they won’t be missing the same one or ones that you are.

So, if you’re getting adequate amounts of all your nutrients except for Vitamin B-12 and it’s causing a deficiency that can actually end up becoming pernicious anemia, then, Vitamin B-12 is the most important nutrient in the world for you.

It’s not the most Important nutrient for a sailor at sea who is low on Vitamin C and the associated flavonoids found in citrus fruits. Just like his or her vitamin C deficiency may not match your personal need(s).

It’s the nutrient or nutrients that YOU’RE deficient in that can cause YOUR problems.

So, to be clear; if your diet is low in a particular nutrient, then that nutrient becomes the most important one in the world for you.

How Can You Determine What Nutrients You May Be Deficient In?

You can go in for a series of tests of your hair, skin, fingernails, urine and feces to get the very best measurement results.

However, if you’d like to be able to determine if there are major deficiencies without having to go into a physician, then here is a great alternative.

There are several apps like Chronometer where you input everything that goes into your mouth for the whole day every day for a week.

It shows you exactly how much of each nutrient that you’re getting and how much you need to get to meet your requirements.

Yes, visiting the doctor and getting those tests is far more accurate and should be the preferred action if you are having a health challenge or even think you may be headed that way.

However, if you are healthy and feel great, you can start by downloading the free app, inputting what you eat and seeing where you are.

Then you can track what you eat for a week and see if you’re deficient in anything and what corrections you would need to make if any.

So, How Do You Make These Dietary Corrections?

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You won’t believe how easy this part is too.

It can literally be done is just a few minutes.

You look at the screen in the app of your choice like Chronometer and see what you’re low in.

Then, just simply Google which foods are the highest in those nutrients that you’re missing and add them into your diet.

Let’s say as an example that you’re really low in Vitamin B-6. Well, that’s a pretty darn important nutrient these days because we all spend so much time on out phones and computers.

You see, a Vitamin B-6 deficiency has been associated with carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrists.

They used to call it the secretary disease because secretaries sat at their computers all day typing and this odd position for the wrists along with low levels of Vitamin B-6 in the diet led to carpal tunnel syndrome becoming as synonymous a health concern as the elderly eating prunes to alleviate constipation.

What you’d do is simply Google: What Foods Are Highest In Vitamin B-6?

You’ll come up with nutritional yeast as being your best, easiest, cheapest and healthiest source of easily digestible vitamin B-6.

You then just add it to your foods and in short order you have no more deficiency.

Easy as that.

Now on to the list…

So, Which Are The Best Fruits To Eat For Health?

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These are the fruits with some the best overall nutrition profiles on the planet.

The fruits below are not listed in any particular order.

1. Avocado:

The avocado has what is considered by many to be one of the best fatty acid sources of any food.

The majority of the fatty acids in avocados come from oleic acid which has shown to have a cardio protective quality that helps maintain both a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

Avocados are one of those heart healthy fats ‘good fats’ that you’ve been hearing about for so long.

Everyone knows about the trusted banana for its legendary potassium levels, right?

But, did you know that avocados have even more potassium than banana’s? It’s true, they do.

Why is potassium so important? It helps regulate the water balance in your cells. It literally has an equal roll in that function as does sodium (salt). It’s known as the sodium potassium pump.

To ensure that your muscles can work at their peak levels without cramping potassium is the key.

2. Pineapple:

The bromelain in pineapple is classed as a single enzyme or a group of enzymes (it is referred to as either in studies) that is or are proteolytic (digests protein) that has gained a wide range testimonials for it’s ability to help with arthritic conditions.

There is strong evidence from at least two studies that show bromelain being helpful in combating several different forms of cancer.

Pineapples also contain over 130% or the RDI of Vitamin C in every cup which has been shown to help in numerous health and illness conditions.

3. Guava:

These tasty little fruits have a rather remarkable nutritional profile to say the least.

Apples have apple pectin which is a beneficial fiber not found in any other foods. But, what most people don’t know is that guava’s also have a pectin fiber that is unique to only this fruit.

Pectin fibers have shown in studies to aid in digestion by stimulating not only peristalsis (movement of food through the digestive tract), but they also exhibit a rather powerful anti-colon cancer benefit as well.

To demonstrate just how powerful guavas are, just a single one ounce serving contains over 100% of the RDI for vitamin C. Not many foods can tout that accomplishment.

4. Grapefruit:

There is so much to say about this super fruit that we could literally write an entire book about it. However, we will endeavor to keep it short here.

Multiple studies show that eating grapefruit may help reduce cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar.

In fact, many studies show that grapefruit can be a significant weight loss aid.

Once such study had over 90 participants.

The average participant that ate just one half of one grapefruit before each meal lost more than 1.3 kilograms (2.9 pounds) of body weight more than those in the control group who didn’t consume grapefruit.

These tasty fruits have shown in multiple studies to help in controlling insulin levels which is what scientists hypothesize as being their weight loss mechanism.

Either way, dieters have known for decades that eating grapefruit is a sure-fire weight loss method that has never failed them yet.

5. Apple:

Most everyone has heard, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

Things don’t generally get to be old sayings that last for decades or even hundreds of years without having some truth to them. And this saying is no exception.

We spoke before about the pectin found in guavas. Well, apples have a pectin so unique that it’s actually called apple pectin fiber because it’s literally found nowhere else in the world.

It has shown to increase peristalsis, aid in the proliferation of good gut bacteria and have strong anticancer properties as well.

Studies have linked the specific antioxidants in apples to strengthening bones by helping to increase overall bone density.

While more studies still suggest that the nutrients and antioxidants in apples can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, cancer and the onset of diabetes.

The apple is loaded with nutrients, quality fiber and powerful antioxidants. So, why not help keep the doctor away with just an apple a day. It’s a tasty, inexpensive and convenient. What in the heck could be better than that?

6. Pomegranate:

One of the strangest fruits on our list this antioxidant powerhouse is loaded with nutrients that can help you live a longer, healthier life.

This may surprise you.

Did you know that pomegranates have 3-4 times the antioxidant levels of green tea or red wine? Well, they do.

And if that’s not impressive enough they contain anti-inflammatory compounds that have specifically been shown to help in tumor size reduction for several types of cancers.

7. Cherries:

Yes, cherries are fruit.

Cherries have an amazing property that you may have heard of called melatonin. Multiple studies have peer reviewed the initial study that found that the melatonin in tart cherry juice was equally effective to supplemental or even prescription melatonin when it came to sleep enhancement.

Tart cherry juice also contains anti-inflammatory compounds powerful enough to reduce pain in multiple conditions such as arthritis similar to taking aspirin.

They are also quite antioxidant rich, so they naturally help quench (attach to and remove) free radicals that cause oxidative harm throughout the body.

8. Durian:

You may never have heard of this incredibly unusual fruit, but throughout southeast Asia it’s known as the king of fruits.

It has a smell when opened that can seriously take some getting used to. There are signs in many hotels in Thailand that eating durian in your room is not permitted. Yeah, it’s that funky. Kind of smells like weak old socks and parmesan cheese.

Once you get past the smell, the taste of durian is similar to a combination of custard and cream cheese with a very creamy consistency to match.

The health benefits of this fruit are just as unusual as its smell and appearance.

It’s one of the few fruits that are actually rich in B-Vitamins (its primary reason for inclusion on our list) making it a perfect food for Vegans, Vegetarians or anyone attempting to cut back on their meat consumption.

Yes, of course it contains Vitamin C in high amounts along with other nutrients, but it’s the amazing B-Vitamin profile that makes it such a standout.

9. Papaya:

There is a much-studied anti-cancer antioxidant called lycopene found in papaya that has been peer reviewed on multiple occasions.

Lycopene appears to fight cancer on multiple fronts.

A). It appears to inhibit cancer gene expression, thereby not allowing the cancer to (replicate) grow. And B). it appears to help signal apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells as well.

Papaya is quite rich in lycopene as well as providing containing respectable quantities of Vitamin C, folate and potassium.

10. Lemon:

Most people know that lemons have a high amount of Vitamin C. People even know they have a powerful compound called citric acid. But, what most people don’t know are the health benefits that these two in concert bestow upon the body.

Citric acid and Vitamin C when found together in the same food in high enough concentrations have shown to help dissolve kidney stones, relax arterial walls allowing for better blood flow especially under stress and a whole lot more.

Suffice in saying there are lots of reasons so many fitness gurus on YouTube say to start off your morning with a big glass of lemon water.

It is hydrating, cleansing and contains loads of antioxidants to boot.

There you have our top ten picks for the healthiest fruits on the planet.

Yes, we know some people will disagree with us on this fruit or that. But, we feel that we have laid out a very good set of criteria where all the fruits can work in concert with each other supplying a wide variety instead of just constantly doubling up on the sane nutrients.