What Is A Healing Crisis Versus A Cleansing Crisis?

When people eat too much bad food, change their diet, go on a fast or use cleansing products they generally will have either a cleansing, a healing crisis or both. The basic difference is that; a healing crisis occurs when there is damage that needs to be repaired and a cleansing crisis occurs when toxin build to a crisis level and must be removed before massive damage occurs as a result.

Below we will cover a number of topics related to both cleansing and healing crisis’s such as what are they really, what are the causes, sore throats, acne, fasting and more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What Is A Healing Crisis?

A healing crisis is when the body has entered into or encountered one or more of the following. A massive injury that could have been caused by impact, being burned, chemical exposure, an illness or a near limitless number of other possibilities.

It can also occur when the body has been damaged by too many toxins and so is both cleansing and healing at the same time, hopefully that is. There are times when the body will cleanse but not heal or heal without cleansing. However, neither of these two are seen as optimal.

Healing crisis

The body might go through feelings of extreme exhaustion or it might even need to go to the point of entering into a coma.

There could be other reasons, but, when the body enters a coma without a head injury it’s either a cleansing or healing crisis for the most part.

The body does this to preserve much needed resources and energy so that it can apply them to the crisis at hand. This makes perfect sense as it’s what you’d do with your resources if you were facing a survival scenario, which if you’ve dropped into a coma, it’s a good bet the body sees this as a survival situation.

Now of course, you won’t always slip into a coma during a healing crisis, in fact you’ve likely been through a few in your life and may have never been in a non-injury induced coma.

Most people will never enter one of these types of coma’s but will go through several healing and cleansing crisis’s in their lifetimes.

The thing to know is that; during a healing crisis your body is going to turn its focus and energy towards the healing. This is why we sleep so much during an illness.

There have been cases where people have had really bad sunburns and slept most of the time for 2 or 3 days straight while going through the initial healing.

Just plan that during a healing crisis that you may need some downtime to aid in recovery.

Is A Healing Crisis The Same As A Cleansing Crisis?

No, they can happen separately or at the same time, they can also be quite intertwined, but they are not the same thing.

A healing crisis can come about because of a cleansing crisis and vice versa, but they are not the same thing.

Healing crisis’s happen when the body has a great deal of damage that it needs to repair. It could be from the physical injuries of a car crash, a fall, being shot or any number of things.

One thing to keep in mind is that a healing crisis can also be triggered by an emotional trauma such as the death in a family or a great deal of shock to the system.

There was a man who saved all his life to provide for his family. He awoke one day to find that the government had taken all his money to pay for the rebuilding from the war effort. They literally took every penny.

The man went blind on the spot from shock and never recovered his sight.

blind man

Another woman developed life threatening internal bleeding when she heard the news that her only child had died in an auto accident.

She then slept most hours for several days straight and woke up mostly healed.

They both had an emotional trauma, however, one then had a healing crisis and recovered from it.

A cleansing crisis can be very similar, but different as you’ll see below.

There was a woman that worked in a fertilizer plant that made fertilizer for the farming industry.

She was the one who sewed the multi-layer paper bags shut once they had been filled with the fertilizers.

As such she got the powder residues on her arms and hands doing this type of work for years.

More than 20 years after she had left that facility, she began having blisters, sores and things that looked to nasty to describe showing up all over her arms while doing her first ever 3-day water fast.

Instead of becoming distraught, she then under a naturopath’s supervision went on a 30-day juice fast and the problem got much, much worse for about 2 weeks. She also had these sores coming out on her face which was never covered when she was at the plant too.

Most people would have freaked out and stopped, proclaiming that the fasting had made them sick.

This was not the case with her. She knew the truth and wanted this garbage out of her body once and for all.

If memory serves, it was about day 17 when she started to see progress of no more new lesions and the smaller ones starting to heal. She continued for the full 30 days and at the end had just a few small ones that were almost healed with all the rest in full recovery.

That was a cleansing crisis.

Most people would have been afraid to endure such a thing. Her courage was remarkable, and she should be lauded for that.

How Can A Healing Crisis Cause A Cleansing Crisis & Vice Vera?

Let’s say that you fell and were black and blue all down one side of your body. Not normal bruising mind you, but the type that looks like pools of dead blood and waste products in your body because that’s exactly what they are.

Due to the trauma you might sleep for a couple of days, and who could blame you, that’s a pretty nasty injury.

During this time, you’re in a healing crisis.

Then you notice that all of a sudden, you’re body temperature goes up a little or you feel hot or cold and you start eliminating the dead blood, dead tissue and waste products.

This is the cleansing crisis.

You may notice that during this time you have to sleep a lot more as well.

sleeping man

You then see that your body is regaining its normal coloration in that area, but movement is still very painful.

You then will typically enter another healing crisis while your body is rebuilding that area to its former glory.

Here too you may need to sleep more than normal, you’ll be sore, but can feel the recovery taking place day by day.

So, in essence, you had a healing crisis followed by a cleansing crisis followed by another healing crisis.

They, in this way can work in tandem to cleanse and heal the body, hopefully bringing it back to its former state.

What Causes A Healing Crisis?

It can be a new injury or an old one. A new trauma or an old one.

It’s quite possible for you to have had an injury, an illness or other malady years or even decades ago and are just now going through a healing crisis to fix it.

You might think, well, that doesn’t make any sense, why didn’t my body just heal it back then and get it over with? Why wait until now, what gives?

There are many possible scenarios, here’s one that’s pretty relatable.

You were injured when you were young, but your diet consisted of hot dogs, soda and chips. Your body healed as much as it could with the given building materials it was given and then basically saved the rest for a later date when you had better building blocks available.

This makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Back when we were hunter gatherers the main thing on the body’s agenda was survival.

We had many times where there was little to no food, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t get any injuries did it? Nope, you still got banged up and maybe even more than normal because you were doing more hunting and looking for food that usual.

Your body was in starvation mode and needed you hunt ready and foraging ready. So, it would heal the injury just enough to get you back on the hunt or forage and leave the rest for later when you made a big kill or found a cache of foods.

It would do this with both injuries and toxins. Because if it didn’t you would not have had the strength to go through the crisis and hunt at the same time.

So, the healing crisis can be triggered by a bunch of antioxidants from fresh fruits and berries or the absence of food during a water fast and the combination of the two during a juice fast as well as other factors.

You could go into a summer season of plenty or change your diet. Your body see’s the building blocks and detox agents it needs and boom, it starts healing those things it has been saving all these years.

One of the good things is, generally the body will heal and cleanse preferentially. This is to say that; whatever it sees as the most life threatening thing will be delt with first. Because the body is still interested in survival over everything else.

What Causes A Cleansing Crisis?

It’s much the same.

You’ve built up a load of junk in the body, stored chemicals, bad foods, toxins and more.

You reach a point where the body has no choice but to dump this stuff whether you’ve improved your diet or circumstances or not. It has to get rid of it, so it doesn’t burn the house down so to speak.

It could be a new build up because of your current diet, residue from an old bad diet or toxins from your home or work, but either way, the body says they have to go.

And so, you cleanse, or what many would also call detox.  

Can A Cleansing Crisis Cause Skin Eruptions Or Acne? 

Yes, absolutely it can.


Generally, you won’t have acne form a healing crisis. However, you absolutely can get them from a standalone cleansing crisis or a cleansing crisis in tandem with a healing crisis.

The way that works is that; you used to work at a fast food place when you were younger and you ate that food 2 meals per day because it was free for employees.

Your body can’t process all the toxins, so many are stored in your fat and many are seen showing up on your face within a day or two.

You now have pimples as a direct result of the foods you consumed and you have stored toxins that will need to be dealt with later.

We all know this is how it works because at one point or another in our lives we have all had this happen to us. We ate some greasy food and boom, next day acne.

Can A Cleansing Crisis Cause A Sore Throat?

Sure it can.

You may have eaten some bad foods and got a sore throat and wondered why?

Well, even our tonsils are designed to remove food poisons and if they do to a large degree then they tell you that you have tonsillitis and need emergency surgery to have them cut out so they can’t warn you of the bad foods you’re eating.

The throat is an area of the body that gets ‘sore’ to show you that there is something in your life that needs to be addressed.                                                                                                                                       

It’s a warning sign of sorts even when it’s a virus or bacteria.

Can A Fast Cause A Cleansing Crisis?

Absolutely. In fact, one of the major causes of a cleansing crisis is a change in diet.

It could be a fast, a change of season and now fresh fruits, veggies and berries are available whereas before they were not. Or a whole host of other changes where the body sees an opportunity to cleanse and boom, there you go, you’re now going through a cleansing crisis.


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