What Is The Healthiest Way To Drink Coffee?

The question of what is the healthiest way to drink coffee is a quite hotly debated topic which we will answer below.

However, a coffee topic that may even generate even more intrigue is.

Is Coffee Good For You Or Bad For You?

To keep things in their proper order we really need to tackle this subject first before we move on.

I mean, who cares what the healthiest way to drink coffee is, if the stuff itself turns out to be bad for you?

So, Is Coffee Safe Or Not?

Before we can get into whether the coffee bean itself is safe, we have to give a very strong warning about consuming coffee that has been sprayed with pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

The Biggest Reason You Must Drink Organic Coffee!

Yes, we all know that pesticides are bad for us.

However, forget all the science for a moment, because we could quote literally hundreds of studies, but that may not mean much to anyone.

So, let’s just take a look at common sense.

If you have a poison that you spray on another living creature, like say a bug and it kills it dead right in front of your very eyes, do you think that spray would be good for you and your family?

The obvious answer is no.

Then let’s ask a really big question here.

If you know a poison that kills other living things is not good for you, then why would you let some guy in a third world country spray it all over your coffee, you then grind it up and make it into a concentrated hot beverage first thing every morning?

Does that sound even remotely smart?

The heck with the science.

You know that guy on that farm in some impoverished country has never even seen a safety video or pamphlet, let alone had any extensive safety training.

This means that; not only is he spraying poison on your beloved beans, he has no idea what he’s doing.

Then, since the ‘if a little is good, then more must be better’ mentality is how most people think, if they think at all, he’s more than likely spraying the heck out of those plants.

So, unless you think Raid (trademark) bug killer spray is a breath freshener you should really, really consider only drinking organic coffee from now on.

That’s all we’ll say about that.

Now, on to determining…

Is Coffee Safe Or Unsafe To Drink?

We will presume that all coffees that we are discussing down below are 100% organic.

Here we are going to look at a combination of both science and common sense to determine what the real truth is.

First The Science On Coffee Safety

After perusing the studies that show coffee may have a negative impact, you’ll find that the main study that the pundits push is seriously flawed.

They claimed that coffee caused elevated blood pressure, and hypertension.

The reasons this main study is flawed are.

A). The coffee used in the study was not organic.

B). They didn’t poll the patients or control the study to see if any of the patients smoked, were on medications or if they drank or were even alcoholics.

C). They didn’t review their prior medical history to make sure they weren’t already suffering from the things they listed in the study.

Studies Showing Coffee Is Good For You

Well, there is a major flaw in one of the bigger studies here too.

The big study showing that coffee is good for you was paid for by… You guessed it, the coffee growers association.

There are a multitude of other studies done of the coffee bean and it’s consumption by humans.

The general consensus is that; coffee in quantities of up to 8 cups per day has not shown to have any serious side effects.

The reason we say serious is because, if you’re sensitive to caffeine you may experience jitters and sleeplessness on that amount or even far less coffee.

We would not recommend that much coffee to anyone even if it were safe because at that level, you’re almost certain to have at least some digestive issues.

Now on to the…

Using Common Sense, Is Coffee Good For You Or Not?

It’s going to seem odd for a second that we are going to start off answering this question with a little bit of science, but trust us, it will make sense in a moment.

Since scientists have found approximately 1,000 different antioxidants in unprocessed coffee and it has a track record of over 500 years of use by humans, we will conclude that it’s earned its GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status from the FDA.

From its earliest known use by humans in the Sufi shrines of Southern Arabia in the area of modern-day Yemen in the 15th century, people all over the world have consumed coffee in a variety of methods with very few incidents.

If coffee was going to rear its ugly head and show the world it’s bad for you, it would have more than likely done so at some point over the last 500 odd years.

To sum this all up.

Organic coffee has not credibly shown itself to be bad for the majority of the population with over 500 years of use.

It has however demonstrated its powerful antioxidant potential that could help modern people combat many of the toxins, stresses and pollutants that we are bombarded with every single day.

In other words, unless you have a medical condition that prohibits your use of coffee. Or, you suffer from indigestion or jitters when drinking it, coffee does at least appear to be safe if not even good for you in reasonable quantities.


What Is The Healthiest Way To Drink Coffee?

In order to truly give you an in depth answer we have to break it down a bit and determine how you’ll brew your coffee, what you add to it and much more before we can give a conclusive answer to that.

Thus, let’s take a little jaunt through each of these topics and by the end the answer will become crystal clear.

I’ll bet you may even know what it is, do you?

Let’s find out.

What is The Healthiest Coffee Roast Level?

coffee roasting

This may just surprise a few people because it’s counterintuitive.

You’d think that roasting something less would preserve its natural integrity, and in most cases you’d be right.

However, when it comes to coffee, the roasting changes it internally.

Dark roast coffee is far richer in N-methylpyridinium ions than its lighter roasted opposite.

The N-methylpyridinium ions have a greatly increased antioxidant capacity and show significant weight loss in test subjects consuming them whereas light roasted coffee had little to no effect on weight loss.

There are a few foods where they actually work better or are better digested by humans when cooked or roasted.

As it would turn out, dark roasting coffee activates it.

This automatically leads us into our answer for the hotly asked question of…

What Is The Healthiest Way To Make Coffee For Weight Loss?


As we just covered above in what is the healthiest coffee roast level, dark roasting your coffee is by far the best.

Then we also talked about the importance of organic coffee above in that section as well.

So, the healthiest coffee for weight loss would be, dark roasted organic coffee that you drink black with no cream or sweeteners of any kind.

If you already know that you need a coffee that is sweetened or you just won’t enjoy it without it, then the best sweetener for weight loss will be stevia because it’s the only concentrated sweetener derived from a plant that has zero calories.

If you need a coffee that has a creamer in it then use fresh whole cream that has not been whipped.

If your keto dieting read below and we’ll talk about the best keto diet coffee out there.

What Is The Healthiest Keto Coffee?

Well, we have a recipe for you that will make you think you’re having a spectacular desert and we also have the cleanest keto coffee recipe for you as well.

The Keto Coffee Desert Recipe

This is a Vietnamese coffee that they consume regularly. You won’t believe how good this tastes, you’ll think you’re drinking liquid Tiramisu cake.

Here’s how you do it.

You need farm fresh eggs to ensure you’re not in danger of getting any bacteria from old eggs.

If the eggs are cracked at all do not use them for this purpose.

Place 2 egg yolks that have had the egg whites removed into a mixing bowl.

Add in enough stevia to make a cup of coffee 50% sweeter than you would normally do. The reason we can’t tell you exactly how much to add is that it can vary widely brand to brand.

Don’t worry about it being too sweet, the egg mixture will take up the extra sweetness.

Add in 2 tablespoons unsweetened whipping cream that has not been whipped yet.

If you were doing a regular non keto version of this, you’d put in 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk instead of the whipping cream.

Add in ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Blend with a whisk for 1 minute, then microwave for 15 seconds.

Repeat this blending and microwaving procedure twice more.

I.E. You’ll blend it 3 separate times and microwave it 3 separate times.

This cooks the egg yolks without hardening them and leaves them in a nice whipped consistency.

Once out of the microwave for the 3rd time add in your cup of coffee and blend once more until thoroughly mixed.

Your coffee will separate towards the bottom and you’ll have an amazing drink on your hands.

How To Make Clean Keto Coffee?

This is really quick and easy.

Simply pour non-whipped heavy whipping cream into your coffee and sweeten to taste with stevia.

Told you it would be easy.

You’ll end up with a coffee that will satisfy you for hours, give you energy and help stave off any hunger pangs you may have normally felt while dieting.

What Is The Healthiest Coffee Maker?

The healthiest coffee maker is really defined by which is the healthiest way to brew coffee.

We have an article that covers that exact topic which you can read here.

To understand why we are about to name off these two machines you really need to read that article.

However, the two healthiest coffee makers are an espresso machine and a cold brewed coffee maker.

The espresso machine will make hot coffee on the spot for single servings.

The cold brewed coffee maker will make batches that you keep in your refrigerator then heat and drink as desired.

We of course presume that you’re using either machine or maker with organic coffee only.

Now that we’ve gone over it step by step, it’s time to answer the question…

What Is The Healthiest Way To Drink Coffee?

cup of coffee

The best way to do this will be to answer this question with bullet points that tell you exactly what you must do to drink your coffee in the healthiest way possible.

*The coffee you drink must be organic. There are no if, ands, or but’s about this. Organic is the only way to go.

See our section on organic coffee above for any needed clarity.

*You must drink it with purified water that is free from chlorine and other harmful or even possibly harmful contaminants.

*You need to brew your coffee with either an espresso machine or a cold brewing method.

These two give the lowest acidity levels of any of the well-known brewing techniques.

Lowering coffee’s acidity is key to enjoying it without causing digestive issues that can wreak havoc on your bowels. Which we suppose is not something you either need or want.

*You need to drink it black to have it be the healthiest possible.

If you need to sweeten it use stevia. If you feel you need a creamer use un-whipped heavy whipping cream.

Do not use commercially available nondairy creamers. They are generally made with things that we would highly recommend that you stay away from.

*Do not drink your coffee from either Styrofoam or paper cups. The paper cups are finished with bleaches to make them white and glued together with glues you don’t want leaching into your beverage.

Styrofoam is of course toxic, and microbeads of the foam disperse into your coffee the moment you pour it in the cup.

Follow these suggestions above and you should do well with your healthy coffee drinking endeavor.


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