Which Alternative Vegan Breakfast Foods Taste Great?

With so many people becoming vegan these days there are a lot of questions to answer that so many people are not covering, such as how can I replace my favorite breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, sausage and cheese with vegan alternatives that I can either buy or make myself. Well, below we will cover each, so that you can have the best of both worlds.

Since these are taken from some of the most asked questions on the internet just scroll through them and read the ones that you need to know.

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Some people may have asked questions that you already know the answer to, while others have asked ones you may not.

So, be sure to read the sub-headlines to the end to pick out the ones that best fill your needs.

Can Vegans Eat Eggs?

No, they can’t. Eggs are unhatched baby chickens and so are off the menu for vegans who cannot eat any animals derived products at all. However, vegans can eat vegan egg substitutes which we will discuss in the next section below.

What Are Vegan Eggs?

In truth there are no such things as vegan eggs, there are however vegan egg substitutes that can fill the gap rather nicely. Just like with anything, there will be some brands or recipes that you like and some that you don’t. You’ll have to discover which are which through trial and error.

The best way to do that is to simply look at the top 10 sellers with the best reviews and get a package of each or make the top 10 recipes.

Taste test them against each other until you break it down to your top 3. Then keep taste testing each of them until you finally decide on a winner that you want to stick with long term.

You can always keep the other 2 as backups so that if the store is out of your favorite brand, you have two pre-decided alternates at the ready.

Beware, it’s been our experience that even though you bought the top ten brands with the best reviews, some of them are going to taste terrible. Kind of like some people like Brussel sprouts and we certainly do not. But that doesn’t mean that all cruciferous vegetables are bad, we love cabbage, broccoli and Bok choy, just not Brussel sprouts. To each there own.

How Are Vegan Eggs Made?

Well, they start by raising vegan chickens which is very difficult because… (Just joking, there are no vegan chickens laying vegan eggs). Vegan egg substitutes are made from a huge variety of ingredients that can include: silken tofu, tapioca starch, apple sauce, flax seed oil, ripe bananas, wheat flour and or chickpea flour.


Some will include natural coloring agents such as saffron or turmeric to give them a nice egg like coloration. Others will leave them without additional colors.

The recipes can vary wildly, and we do mean wildly. Some will have soy, some will not, some with chickpea flour and some not.

Our best advice is, unless you have an actual allergy to an ingredient, don’t shy away from a product or recipe just because you’re not too fond of one of the ingredients.

Once this stuff is all mixed together, you may just be surprised at how good it tastes and how hard it is for you to tell that the ingredient you don’t like is even in there.

We have been incredibly surprised at many vegan recipes that did that to us. We were like, no, we don’t really like XYZ. However, once it’s mixed in with all the other ingredients, we loved the end product.

All we’re saying is, go into it with an open mind.

Remember, the mind is like a parachute, neither one works until they are open.

Are Vegan Eggs Friendly?

Sure they are, as a matter of fact we have some that we’ve remained friends with for years (just joking of course). What people mean when they ask this question is, are they friendly to the animals and to the environment? The answer is in most cases yes. The reason we say most cases is that…

If the ingredients such as chickpea flour or silken tofu (made from soybeans) were not ethically farmed, then this could potentially have a negative impact on the environment or animal life either on the farm or in the surrounding areas.

However, if they were organically grown and grown ethically then your ecological footprint from consuming them will be negligible.

What Do Vegans Have Against Eggs?

Nothing. We love the little baby chickens that hatch from them. We just don’t like eating the unborn baby chickens before they hatch, that’s all.

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Can You Use Vegan Eggs To Make Pancakes?

In most cases we are going to have to say no. There are no vegan eggs as we have discussed above. So, the real question would be, can you make pancakes from vegan egg substitutes? We would have to say no, unless all the ingredients from the substitute work well in pancakes, which could actually work with a couple of them, maybe.

You can test putting your favorite vegan egg substitute into some pancake batter and see what happens, just don’t hold your breath for the results.

Where Do You Get Vegan Eggs For Easter?

What we see most vegans doing for Easter eggs is just using the little hollow plastic ones that you can put a toy or candy in and the kids like it even better.

Can I Get Vegan Eggs Made Without Any Soy Products?

Yes, absolutely. One of the better vegan egg products and recipes in our opinion uses mung beans and no soy products at all. You can see this products ingredient list here: https://www.ju.st/products/just-egg (that’s not an affiliate link). The main ingredient is mung beans.

Plus, there are many more that don’t use soy either that you’d just have to check out to see if you like them or not.

Can Dogs And Cats Eat Vegan Eggs Or Cheese?

No, not really. Yes, they could eat them, but they are not their native foods and so, they just won’t do well on them. They could eat them once in a great while maybe, but we would not recommend it on a regular basis. There digestive systems are just not set up for cooked foods. Neither are ours actually, but that’s another story. Feeding dogs and cats cooked foods long term is like feeding monkeys cooked bananas… Why?

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Can Vegans Eat Cheese?

No, they cannot eat cheeses derived from animal secretions such as their milks. The term vegan implies that you do everything possible to stay away from animal derived products or products that hurt animals.

Of course, you’re not going to be able to do this 100%, because there are so many products out there that have or are made using animal parts that you just don’t even know about such as the computer, cell phone or TV screen that you’re using to read this is most likely made using cholesterol taken from animals.

So, a few of the less cognitive among us have asked, if you can never be 100% pure vegan then why bother even trying?

Well, that’s like asking if you have a group of people drowning in the ocean and you know you can’t save them all before the sharks take a few, then why even bother. It’s a ridiculous attitude. Of course, you save as many as you can and mourn the rest.

Do Vegan Farts Smell Like Eggs?

Sigh… This is a question people really want answered. If you don’t then just skip it. The gas we pass through our bottoms smells like eggs if we’ve been eating sulfur containing foods whether they be eggs or not. So, to answer your question, yes and no, they can if we’ve been eating sulfur containing foods and no if we have not.

Can Vegans Eat Bacon?

No, vegans cannot eat bacon that is derived from an animal source. We do have bacon substitutes that actually taste pretty darn good. Ok, some of them suck, but there are a few that are really tasty.

We’ll talk more about them below.

Is There A Vegan Substitute For Bacon?

Yes, absolutely there is. There are products that you can buy premade and there are recipes out there you can make. The thing to do is to get the best 10 rated and selling bacon alternatives and just do a taste test. Invariably you’ll like some and won’t be able to stand others. It’s the way it is with most foods, some you like and some you don’t.

It would be hard to even make a breakfast cereal that everyone likes. Some like flakes, some like krispies and some like oat O’s. Not everyone will like just one. So, taste test them all and see for yourself.

But yes, some can be quite tasty.

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How Do You Make Vegan Eggs And Bacon?

Well, as we have spoke about above there are vegan alternatives for both eggs and bacon, these are substitutes, NOT the animals that have been fed vegan diets or you’d still just be eating animals. You use your favorites of these and make your breakfast just like you normally would, simple as that.

As we’ve spoke of earlier, just get the top 10 selling and rated vegan eggs and bacon substitutes and taste test them. Some you’ll like, some you won’t, but we can’t even tell you that because your tastes are likely different than ours.

The only person that can do this is you. You’ll likely narrow it down to a couple egg products and a couple bacon products that you like, then just pick the best ones from them, and use the others as alternates for when the store is out of your favorite.

Can Vegans Eat Sausage?

No, not the type that is derived from animals, no they can’t. However, there are many different kinds of vegan sausage substitutes that taste pretty darn good. The one we like is Morning Farms breakfast sausage patties. If you fry them in a little olive oil, they are pretty tasty.

You may taste them and think they’re gross. That’s why we strongly recommend taste testing the top 10 selling and rated vegan sausage alternatives just as we have above with other products until you find the ones you like the best. Just because we like one brand or another doesn’t mean you will or won’t.

Is There A Vegan Substitute For Sausage?

Sure, there is, our favorite happens to be Morning Star breakfast sausage patties, but like we have said throughout this article, you should taste test the top 10 rated and sellers for yourself and make your own determination.

More often than not you’ll find that the top three or so rated are also the in the top 5 sellers. That’s for a reason.

Taste test them see which one you like and add it to your regime.

What Does Vegan Sausage Taste Like?

Some taste great, some taste like wood chips soaked in soy sauce. The ones that do taste good generally are going to be about 90% of the taste and texture of regular sausage. A lot also has to do with how you prepare them. If you microwave them just because the package says you can instead of pan frying them in a little oil, well, the taste will show it.

As with many foods if you just microwave them, they tend to dry out, get hard and chewy. With the better vegan sausage substitutes take your time and cook them right. When you do, they will taste better and have a much better mouth feel as well.

Can You Make A Traditional Breakfast Vegan?

Yes, absolutely you can. In fact, if you taste test the leading products as we have espoused and then take the time to cook them right instead of just microwaving them, then you can have a breakfast that rivals some of the better traditional breakfasts out there.

Yes, they really can be that good. In fact, when we feed them to others, some people can’t tell the difference, even when they are told they sometimes don’t believe it.

So, go for it, you can do it, just follow our advice and you’ll come up with some real winners!

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